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Games - Entered by Gunness (3436 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Adrift in Space Mogul Communications 1985 English
Adult 1 Simon Avery info ? English Solution, Map
Adult 2 Simon Avery info 1990 English Solution, Map
Advent Peter Langston info 1981 English
Adventure Bug-Byte Software 1982 English Solution, Map
Adventure Adventure Software 1987 English
Adventure Micro Power info 1982 English Solution, Map, Hints, Fixed game
Adventure Melbourne House 1983 English Solution, Map
Adventure SYS PD 1990 Swedish
Adventure Micro Gold, Syrtis Software 1981 English Solution
Adventure ComputerMat info 1982 English
Adventure Simpson Software 1982 English
Adventure - Schreckensland, Das ? ? German
Adventure 1 Abersoft info, CP Software, Melbourne House 1982 English Solution, Map
Adventure 1 ou La Grotte Ludo's Software Distribution ? French
Adventure 2 ou L'Accusation Ludo's Software Distribution ? French
Adventure at Lake Santeetlah Fritz Langhart 2018 English
Adventure at Vandenberg A.F.B. ANALOG Computing info 1985 English Solution, Map
Adventure Diploma Fast Access 1991 English Hints
Adventure II ? ? German
Adventure in Bristol Garry Lancaster 1985 English
Adventure in Crime Phoenix Software info ? English
Adventure in Time Phoenix Software info 1981 English
Adventure in Time and Space Dorothy Millard 1989 English Solution, Hints
Adventure in Tinytown ADAMagic Software 1985 English
Adventure Island J. B. Cattley ? English Solution, Map
Adventure of a Lifetime Binary Zone PD 2002 English Map
Adventure of a Mug Hilary Walton ? English Solution
Adventure of Cleopatra's Pyramid, The Falsoft 1985 English
Adventure of the Rosetta Stone, The CodeWriter 1984 English
Adventure on the Planet Akma Dowsoft! 1984 English
Adventure on the Planet of Zeeble Binary Zone PD ? English Solution
Adventure Quest Level 9 Computing info 1982 English Solution, Hints, Clue sheet
Adventure-Game EDOSP ? German Solution, Map
Adventure-Mine Allt om Hemdatorer 1984 Swedish
Adventureland Adventure International, PASE info 1978 English Solution, Map
Adventuremania Intrigue Software 1983 English
Adventures Dream Kai Clausenhitzer 1985 German
Adventures in 4 Dimensions James L. Dean 1998 English
Adventures in NMR Douglas P. Burum ? English Solution
Adventures in NMR II Douglas P. Burum 1990 English Solution
Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf, The Gilsoft International 1984 English Solution, Map
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The Adventure International 1984 English Solution, Map, Hints
Adventures of Johnny Zero, The Falsoft 1987 English
Adventures of Maddog Williams in the Dungeons of Duridian, The Game Crafters 1992 English Solution
Adventures of the President of the United States, The Mikko Vuorinen 2003 English
Adventures Through Time Vol. 1 - The Scavenger Hunt Aurum Software 1989 English
Affaire Santa Fe, L' Infogrames 1988 French
Affaire Sydney, L' Infogrames 1986 French
Africa Gardens Gilsoft International 1984 English Solution, Map