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Games - B - Solved by Richard Bos (42 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Babel Ian Finley 1997 English Solution, Hints
Ballyhoo Infocom info 1985 English Solution, Hints
Ballymun Adventure Brendan Cribbin 2006 English Solution
Balrog and the Cat, The Zenobi Software info 1988 English Solution
Baluthar Chris Molloy Wischer 2003 English Solution
Beacon Adventure Sinclair User 1984 English Solution, Map, Fixed game
Beam Madrone Eddy 2006 English Hints
Bear's Night Out, A David Dyte 1997 English Solution
Begegnung am Fluss Florian Edlbauer 2001 German Solution
Beginning of the End, The Zenobi Software info 1992 English Solution
Behind Closed Doors Zenobi Software info 1988 English Solution
Behind Closed Doors 2: The Sequel Zenobi Software info 1988 English Solution
Behind Closed Doors 3: Revenge of the Ants Zenobi Software info 1989 English Solution
Behind Closed Doors 4: Balrog's Day Out Zenobi Software info 1989 English Solution
Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man, The Hannes Schueller 2009 English Solution
Beneath: a Transformation Graham Lowther 2007 English
Berrost's Challenge Mark Hatfield 2008 English Hints
Beta Tester Darren Ingram 2009 English
Beyond Alessandro Peretti, Paolo Lucchesi, Roberto Grassi 2005 English Solution
Bible Retold, The: The Bread and the Fishes, The Ben Pennington info, Justin Morgan 2006 English Solution
Big Mama, The Brendan Barnwell 2000 English
Big Sleaze, The Delta 4 Software, Piranha 1987 English Solution, Hints
Bio David Linder 2003 English Solution
Black Tower, The Adventure Workshop, The info, Zenobi Software info 1984 English Solution
Bobby T. Minion in 'Escape from the Underworld' Karl Beecher 2008 English
BOFH Howard A. Sherman 2002 English Solution
Bog of Brit Stormbringer Software 1990 English Solution
Boggit, The CRL Group 1986 English Solution, Hints
Book and Volume Nick Montfort info 2005 English Solution, Map
Bored of the Rings CRL Group, Delta 4 Software 1985 English Solution, Map, Hints
Bounty Paul Jenkinson info 2012 English Solution, Map
Bounty Hunter, The River Software 1989 English Solution, Map
Boyd File, The Zenobi Software info 1990 English Solution, Hints
Brian: The Novice Barbarian Zenobi Software info 1994 English Solution
Broken Friend, A Paul Jenkinson info 2012 English Solution
Broken Legs Sarah Morayati 2009 English
Broken Man, A Geoff Fortytwo 2006 English Solution
Bugsy CRL Group 1986 English Solution
Bulbo and the Lizard-King Zenobi Software info 1987 English Solution, Hints
Bureaucracy Infocom info 1987 English Solution
Buried In Shoes Dominic Delabruere info 2008 English
Byzantine Perspective Lea Albaugh 2009 English Solution