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Games - F - Spectrum - Unsolved (37 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Face of Blood ? 1986 English
Faerie 2: The Buggon's Gold 8th Day Software ? English
Fairy Night Tasman 2004 Russian
Fairy Night 2 Tasman 2004 Russian
Fakultet Ribic Samir 1987 Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian
Fantasia Diamond Hewson Consultants 1984 Dutch
Fantasmi Load 'n' Run info 1986 Italian
Fantasy Parte 1: L'Incantesimo Epic 3000 info 1986 Italian
Fantasy Parte 2: La Valle Mysteriosa Epic 3000 info 1986 Italian
Fantasy World Basic Software 1984 English
Fay's Förbannelse, Le Jacob MunkHammar 1984 Swedish
Federico Jones Rock'n'Soft 1992 Spanish
Final Frog Pepsi Soft 1991 Spanish
Find Exit Paul Moscow 1997 Russian
Find the Elven King's Treasure J. G. Martin 1984 English
Five Treasures of Ryzar, The Space Age Software 1984 English
For Love Sinclair Programs info 1984 English
Forbidden City GJS Software 1984 English
Forbidden Lands Alien Software 1993 Spanish
Forest of Evil Hometown Software ? English
Foresta, La Load 'n' Run info 1987 Italian
Fortress of Fear Larry Horsfield info 1996 English
Fourth Kind, The CPS Games 1982 English
Freak L. Martschin 1986 German
Fredy McNeford DJ Hooligan 1996 Russian
Fredy McNeford 2 DJ Hooligan 1996 Russian
Freeze Aliens 1 Advanced Adventure Creations 1992 Spanish
Frightened Fantasy Dented Designs 1987 English
Frog Face Positive Image 1984 English
From Darkness into Light CRL Group ? English
Frontier of Warriors: Mayday Call, The Zeropolis Element 2007 English
Fuckerman 00 Software 1985 English
Fuga de BE-31 Francisco Bretones Castillo 1989 Spanish
Fuga de Ogerox, La ALEAsoft 1990 Spanish
Fuga, La Aventuras AM 1990 Spanish
Fuksoft Sybilasoft 1987 Slovak
Fuksoft II Raxoft 1989 Czech