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Games - H - Spectrum - Unsolved (36 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Hoppit, The Electric Storm Productions 2018 English
Harry Potter Adventure Zeropolis Element 2009 English
Hijo del Crepusculo, El Josep Coletas Caubet 2009 Spanish Map
Hired to Kill Tom Powell 1993 English
Heroes '92 Proxima Software 1992 Czech
Hideous, The Year Zero Software 1992 Spanish
Harry the Hippy Psychaedelic Hedgehog Software info 1991 English
Help!!! E.S.O. 1991 Czech
House, The Advanced Adventure Creations 1991 Spanish
Heresville Wazertown Works 1990 Spanish
Home Guerilla Dalibor Sver 1990 English
Hades Antonio Baena Sanchez 1989 Spanish
Historias de Medialand JSJ Soft 1989 Spanish
Hobbit (Demo), El Grupo Creators Union 1989 Spanish
Hand, The Pearl Software 1987 English
Harry L'hippy - Easy Rider Viking info 1987 Italian
Heart of Gern, The PCBs 1987 English
Hledac - Cesta za Zlatem Mayu Kybso 1987 Czech
Homicide Hotel Adventure Workshop, The info, Guild, The info, Wallsoft 1987 English
Harry L'Hippy Load 'n' Run info 1986 Italian
Hechizo Hobby Press, MicroHobby 1985 Spanish
Horrors of Blackskull Mountains, The Hometown Software 1985 English
Hells Bells Bug-Free 1984 English
High Mountains, The Personal Computer News 1984 English
House of Murder SP Enterprises 1984 English
House on Damned Hill, The Century City Software 1984 English
House, The Celyn Jones Software 1984 English
Here Comes the Sun Alligata Software 1983 English
House of Horror Adventure T. Jevon 1983 English
Hasha the Thief CPS Games 1982 English
Handful of Snow, A Zenobi Software info ? English
Hare, The ? ? English
HerrgÄrden Xcellent Software ? Swedish
High Odds Crusader Computing ? English
House of the Dead ? ? English
Hunt, The ? ? English