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Games - M (578 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Maroon ? ? English Solution
Marooned Zenobi Software info 1992 English Solution
Marooned Saguaro Software 1985 English Solution, Map
Marooned Bruce Davis 2000 English Solution
Marooned Buntasoft 1984 English
Marooned Kim Watt ? English
Marooned Again ? 1985 English Solution
Marooned in Space Orion Software 1980 English
Marooned In Time Software Magic info ? English
Marooned!! Outlet 1988 English
Mars Ariolasoft 1985 German
Mars Dilithium Press 1984 English
Mars Adventurer Grandstand Leisure ? English
Mars Menace from Outer Space Le Cabre, Phil Spectrum 2015 Spanish
Mars Mission ? ? English
Marsäventyret Mystax ? Swedish
Marsdoll ? ? English
Marsh Castle Brendan R. Jones info 1982 English
Martec's Tomb Brian Nash ? English Solution
Martello Tower Derbyshire Educational Software Centre, ESM info 1984 English Map
Martian Adventure ? ? English Solution
Martian Adventure Brad Templeton, Kieran Carroll 1979 English
Martian Crypt, The Novasoft info 1985 English Solution, Map
Martian Odyssey, A Horatiu Romosan 2008 English Solution
Martian Prisoner COMPUTE! Publications 1983 English Solution
Mary Celeste, The David B. Taylor info 2015 English
Mask of the Sun, The Brøderbund, Ultrasoft 1982 English Solution, Map, Hints
Mask of the Sun, The - Das Geheimnis der Aztekenmaske Ariolasoft, Brøderbund, Ultrasoft 1982 German Solution
Masox ? 1997 Czech
Masque of the Last Faeries Ian R. Ball 2000 English
Masquerade American Eagle info 1984 English Solution
Masquerade Kathleen M. Fischer 2000 English
Master of the Dungeons ? ? English
Masterclass Trinity Software 1985 English Solution
Masters of Mid World ? 1986 English Solution
Masters of the Universe - Super Adventure Adventure Soft UK info, US Gold 1987 English Solution, Hints
Matagal ? ? Portuguese
Matchmaker Adventure Workshop, The info, River Software 1987 English Solution, Map
Maté porque era mía, La Ferran Montesinos info 1995 Spanish
Math Dungeon COMPUTE! Publications 1984 English
Matilda's Dilemma Buffalochip Software ? English Solution, Map
Matsch Jens Bojaryn 2003 German
Matt Coyle: Messaggio dal Futuro Edisoft 1985 Italian
Matt Lucas Players Software 1986 English Solution, Map
Matter for a Super Hero, A Bolsoftware Communications ? Spanish
Matter of Importance, A Valentine Kopteltsev 2007 English
Matter of Time, A Michael Zerbo info 1995 English
Mauro-Quest Jayce 1987 English Solution
Max's Adventure Max Manowski 1981 English Solution, Map
Maya-Grab, Das Input 64 1986 German Solution