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Games - O - Science fiction (14 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
O Zone, The Compass Software info 1986 English Solution, Hints
Octavo Pasajero, El Jarel info 2001 Spanish
Oddessy Brendan Clarke 1986 English Solution
Odyssey Little Red Hen Software ? English Solution, Map
Offensive Probing Ben Croshaw 1999 English Solution
Omniverse Computerware ? English
On Reflection Cheese Freak Software 2007 English Solution
Oo-topos Penguin Software info, Sentient Software [1] info 1981 English Solution
Opaline Interactive Technology 1990 English
Operation Kristos Computer and Video Games 1986 English Solution
Operation: Sabotage Guild Adventure Software, The, SoftSide Publications info 1982 English Solution, Map, Fixed game
Oprør På Nyx Sepia Adventures 1988 Danish Solution
Orbit of Doom Central Solutions info 1986 English Solution
Orion Quest, The Argus Press Software, Mind Games 1984 English