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Games - W - Spectrum - Unsolved (33 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
When Alex Didn't Do It Stephen Nichol 2015 English
Witchcraft Edicion Oro Josep Coletas Caubet 2007 Spanish
Witchcraft Josep Coletas Caubet 2006 Spanish
Where the Foot of Man Did Not Step n-Discovery 2001 Russian
Wolf Z-Zero Systems 1999 Russian
Wolf 2 Z-Zero Systems 1999 Russian
Wolf 3 Z-Zero Systems 1999 Russian
Whitman Day Advanced Adventure Creations 1992 Spanish
Wergild Bugbear Software 1989 English Map
What Was That? Bolsoftware Communications 1989 Spanish
Winter Term Alfo Software 1989 English
Wiz Lair Atlantic Soft 1989 Spanish
Way of the Exploding Tits, The Shattered Dreams 1988 English
Warcry! Arena Software 1987 English
Warlock's Way, The F & F Software 1986 English
Warrior's Way, The F & F Software 1986 English
Wizard's Spell Tynesoft 1986 English Map
Way, The Load 'n' Run info 1985 Italian
Where Sparrows Daren't T. J. Garner 1985 English
Warriors Revenge Video Force 1984 English
Waster, The Harddata 1984 English
White House Assault F. Roberts 1984 English
White Sepulchre, The Ramtrix Software 1984 English
Winston Bootleg 1984 English
Wizard, The Sinclair User 1984 English
Wonderworm Havensoft 1984 English
Wrath of Magra, The Carnell Software 1984 English Hints
White Barrows, The ASP Software 1983 English
Wizard of Sham, The CPS Games 1982 English
Welcome to the Hell W.A.R. Group ? Russian
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Dr. Spawn ? Russian
Wight Smugglers, The Wrightchoice Software ? English
Wondergirl St Bride's School info ? English