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Games (7399 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
X-rated adventure, The ? 1985 English
Xadomy Brassington Enterprises ? English
Xanadu Paul Heinz 1986 English Solution
Xanadu Adventure Hopesoft 1982 English Solution, Map
Xanadu Cottage Alligata Software 1984 English Solution
Xen: The Contest Ian Shlasko 2005 English Solution
Xen: The Hunt Ian Shlasko 2006 English Solution
Xeno Jonathan Mestel 1989 English Solution, SLAG hints
Xenos Radio Shack info, Robert Arnstein Corp. 1982 English Solution
Xerb Andrew Lipson ? English
Xiria: Missione Atlantes Sipe Software 1986 Italian
XIV Pandovisia Software 1984 Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian
XIV/2 Pandovisia Software 1985 Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian
Xtroth - The Adventure Automata UK 1985 English
Yard Story Orion 2001 Russian
Yard Story II Illusion Dreams 2001 Russian
Yarkho - Il Cobra di Cristallo Viking info 1987 Italian Solution
Yarkho - Il Segreto di Obnyr Viking info 1987 Italian
Yarkon Blues Chronosoft, WoW Software info 1988 English Solution
Yarkon Blues II - Space Station Zebra Chronosoft, WoW Software info 1992 English Solution
Yasmina's Quest Joan Alba Maldonado 2005 Spanish
Yawn ? ? English Solution
Yawn, The Magic Disk 1990 German Solution, Map
Yawn, The Roland 2006 English Solution, Map
Yay Games David Welbourn 2004 English Solution, Map
Ye Olde House John Foskett info 1994 English
Ye-Classical Type Adventure Alan Pemberton ? English
Yellow Door, The Tartan Software 1987 English Solution, Hints
Yellow Peril Dorothy Millard 1994 English Solution, Hints
Yenght Dinamic Software 1984 Spanish
Yes, Another Game with a Dragon! John Kean 2000 English Solution
Yes, Prime Minister Mosaic Publishing info 1987 English
Yggdrasil Jim Henry III ? English Solution
Ynjevi ja Hänen Kissansa Protocol Productions Oy 1988 Finnish
Yo Tenía un Juego Jose Vicente Ruiz (Joruiru) 2014 Spanish
Yobai Ura soft 1983 English
Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort Tiberius Thingamus 2009 English Solution
You Are Here Roy Fisher 2001 English
You Can Be the Stainless Steel Rat Rome'r Software 1997 Russian
You Find Yourself in a Room 2darray 2010 English
You Have to Put the Baby New Year in the Champagne Bottle Molly G 2014 English Solution, Map
You Were Doomed From the Start Jeremy Carey-Dressler 2001 English
Young Arthur's Quest RBI Software 1982 English
Your Attention Please Scorpion Software 1984 English Map
Your Bum is Talking Dogspeed 2001 English
Youth Hosteling Adventure CDS PLC ? English
Yukon Keypunch Software 1987 English Solution
Yukon Gold Fast Access ? English Solution
Yuppie Mental Images ? English Solution
Yurec Quest Marshrut na Iupiter 1995 Russian