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Games - Science fiction (753 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Dr Who and The Web of Fear John Whatson 2016 English Solution
Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I. Cascade Mountain Publishing, First Row 1987 English
Dr. Who Adventure James Smith 1982 English Solution, Map, Fixed game
Dreadnaught P. Woodhouse 1987 English
Dream-Trap of Zzar, The S. John Ross 2011 English Solution, Map
Dual Targets: The 4th Unit Act 3 Data West 1989 Japanese
Earthbound Double Play Adventures 1986 English Solution
Earthshock 8th Day Software 1986 English Solution, Hints
Eclipse Zenobi Software info 1991 English Solution
Edifice, The Lucian Paul Smith 1997 English Solution, Map
Edificio 25, El Jarel info 2007 Spanish
Eight Feet Under Pond Soft 2019 English
Elsie the Aadvark goes Lunar Surveying Interface Publications 1983 English Solution, Map
Emerald Elf, The Zenobi Software info 1995 English Solution, Hints
End is Nigh, The WoW Software info, Zenobi Software info 1994 English Solution
Energem Enigma, The Guild, The info, Precision Games 1987 English Solution, Hints
Engendro Jorge Duran Ponsa 1989 Spanish
Engine Failure VNU Business Publications 1983 English Solution, Map, Fixed game
Enterprise Escape Grandstand Leisure ? English
Erehwon Richard Litherland 1999 English Solution
Eric's Gift Joao Mendes 2002 English
Eridan Rescue Bazzasoft 1991 English Solution
Error de Copia José Baltasar García Perez-Schofield info 2007 Spanish
Escape 2012 Computerware 1985 English Solution, Map
Escape From Dispozon Antic Publishing info 1989 English
Escape From Enthar Seven Robico Software 1985 English Solution
Escape From Mars Aardvark info 1980 English Solution
Escape From Prison Planet Adventure Workshop, The info, WoW Software info 1991 English Solution
Escape From Pulsar 7 Channel 8 Software info, Digital Fantasia info, Molimerx info 1982 English Solution, Map, Hints, Clue sheet
Escape From Shazzar Leisure Games 1983 English
Escape From Solaris Magic Software 1984 English
Escape From Sylon 6 King Software 1984 English Solution
Escape From the Planet Brontitor Little Two Software info 1984 English
Escape From Traam Adventure International 1981 English Solution
Escape From Xenon T. J. Garner 1985 English
Escape into Space Kelsoft 1987 English
Escape of Universe Datri Software 1995 Czech
Escape to Zanuss Guild Adventure Software, The ? English Solution
Essex Brøderbund, Synapse Software info 1985 English Solution
Estacion Acuario Luis Sanchez Palacios 1992 Spanish
Estacion, La Imperator 1991 Spanish
Euclides XXI ESP Soft 2019 Spanish
Euclides XXI ESP Soft 2019 English
Evacuate Jeff Rissman 2002 English Solution
EXTERMINATE! Michael C. Martin 2008 English Solution, Map
Extricator, The Precision Games 1986 English Solution, Hints
Fahrenheit 451 Idealogic, Telarium info ? Spanish
Fail-Safe Jon Ingold 2000 English
Feasibility Experiment Channel 8 Software info, Digital Fantasia info, Molimerx info 1983 English Solution, Map, Hints
Firelance Hamster Software 1985 English Solution, Map, Hints