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Games - Modulo BASE (4 results)

Modulo BASE is an Italian program written to allow for easy creation of adventure games.
The program was written by Enrico Colombini for the Apple II, C64, MSX, PC, Spectrum.

According to user Zuperfaust,
"It is a BASIC listing organised in subroutines. Some are general-purpose, and some others must be written entirely by the game's author. However, the structure is there: one knows that must make a list of verbs in alphabetical order (they are searched through via a binary search), you must do some calculations to use a line number that deals with an immovable or movable object, etc."

Further information can be found in issue 51 of SPAG.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Anello di Lucrezia Borgia, L' Enrico Colombini info 1985 Italian Solution, Map
Apprendista Stregone, L' Gruppo Editoriale Jackson info 1989 Italian
Astronave Condannata, L' Enrico Colombini info 1985 Italian Solution, Map
Drago delle Caverne, Il Enrico Colombini info 1988 Italian Solution, Map