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Games - IF Creator (9 results)

Created in 2002 by n-Discovery of Russia, IF Creator is a tool for making icon/menu-driven text adventures. Appears to be TR-DOS only.

See also Where the Foot of Man Did Not Step

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Deadventure Dead Man, Max Adimirov 2003 Russian
Dizzy Forever n-Discovery 2005 Russian
Dream Adventure n-Discovery 2002 Russian
Lord of Darkness Triumph Game Labs 2003 Russian
Psycho Game Original Computers Associaton ? Russian
Roofmania Techno Lab 2002 Russian
Sword and the Fate Adramelek 2006 Russian
Ungodly Earth: Desert of Dreams Double Headed Secret 2008 English
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Dr. Spawn ? Russian