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Games - Seasonal (43 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Candy Rush Saga Andrew Schultz 2014 English Solution, Map
Christmas Adventure or How Hitler Tried to Steal Christmas David B. Taylor info 2014 English
Christmas Adventure, A Little Softie 1983 English
Christmas Eve Nightmare, A ? ? English
Christmas Party, The OldGrover 2007 English
Crater Creek, 2113 Angela Shah 2013 English Solution, Map
Crazy Christmas Christoph Winkler 2003 German
Crisis at Christmas Sinclair User 1986 English Solution, Map
Dash Slapney and the Calamitous Candy Corn Cornucopia Andrew Schultz 2011 English Solution, Map
Easter Time Argus Specialist Publications, Home Computing Weekly 1985 English
Elves '87 Burned Out Adventurers! 1987 English Solution
Escape From Santaland Jason Ermer 2011 English
Hallowe'en Duncan Cross 2000 English Solution, Map
Hallowe'en: Night of the Misty Manor Dee Cooke info 2019 English
Heather's Easter Egg Hunt Ginnie Reynolds, Tom Reynolds 1989 English Solution
Jingle Bells Jack and Jill Software 1986 English Solution, Map
Jolly Poppa Down Top Ten Software ? English Solution
Juleadventurespil Hjemmedata info 1983 Danish
Literacy David S. Glasser 2001 English Solution, Map
Mansion, The ? 2019 English
Merry Christmas Melbourne House 1984 English Solution
Merry Night Shift Peter Villar 2019 English
Missing Witch, The ? 2019 English
Mouse Who Woke Up For Christmas, The Luke A. Jones 2018 English
Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina Jim Aikin 1999 English Solution
På Loftet Sidder Nissen Thomas Bøvith info 2016 Danish
Post-Christmas Letdown Emma Joyce 2011 English Solution, Map
Pumpkin Contest, The Alex Weldon 2000 English Solution, Map
Sanity Clause Mike McCauley 1991 English
Santa and the Goblins Intrigue Software 1983 English
Santa! The Adventure Outlet 1991 English
Special Christmas Adventure, A Spectrum Adventure Exchange Club 1986 English Solution, Map
Special Christmas Adventure, A Spectrum Adventure Exchange Club 1987 English
Spell of Christmas Ice, A Star Dreams 1984 English Solution, Map
Thanksgiving Adventure David B. Taylor info 2015 English
Thanksgiving Adventure ][ David B. Taylor info 2015 English
Three More Visitors Paul Stanley 2011 English Solution, Map
Twelve Days of Christmas, The Adventure Workshop, The info, Zenobi Software info 1994 English Solution
Unhallowed Blerkotron 2018 English Map
What Are Little Girls Made Of? Carolyn VanEseltine 2012 English Solution, Map
Where is Father Christmas? Graham Dean 1989 English Solution
Witch's Apprentice, The Garry Francis 2019 English
You Have to Put the Baby New Year in the Champagne Bottle Molly G 2014 English Solution, Map