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Games - Humour (208 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
15 Meses y un Dia Jenesis 2011 Spanish
2001½ - A Space Idiot Microtech Systems 1986 English
Adoo's Stinky Story B. Perry 2003 English Solution
Advanced Milkfloat Simulator, The Stuart Brady 1998 English Solution
Adventure Playtime CGH Services info 1987 English
Adventures of Zebedee Gonig, The WoW Software info 1991 English Solution, Map, Hints
Akbarr Andrés Viedma Peláez 2000 Spanish
Akbarr ARDENT Software 1991 Spanish Solution
Apocalypse Clock, The GlorbWare 2006 English Solution
Arnold the Adventurer Guild, The info, Zenobi Software info 1990 English Solution
Aunts and Butlers Robin Douglas Johnson 2006 English Solution
Aventura Rural, La Xavi Carrascosa info 2003 Spanish
Aventurero en el Sega Park Lumpi 2000 Spanish
Bandera Pipo98 2008 Spanish
Barber of Sadville, The Tim Browse 2007 English Solution
Batalla Lumpi 2000 Spanish
Beer Hunter, The Global Software 1986 English
Behind Closed Doors Zenobi Software info 1988 English Solution
Behind Closed Doors 2: The Sequel Zenobi Software info 1988 English Solution
Behind Closed Doors 3: Revenge of the Ants Zenobi Software info 1989 English Solution
Behind Closed Doors 4: Balrog's Day Out Zenobi Software info 1989 English Solution
Behind Closed Doors 7 Zenobi Software info 2018 English
Behind the Lines Guild, The info, Recreation Re-Creation Software 1991 English Solution
Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man, The Hannes Schueller 2009 English Solution
Big Sleaze 2.5, The Mark James Hardisty 2018 English
Bloodless on the Orient Express Hannes Schueller 2011 English Solution, Map
Bog of Brit Stormbringer Software 1990 English Solution
Boxman Pepe Romero 2007 Spanish
Brekk! - Avagy a Békává Varázsolt Királylány Attacker-Soft 1988 Hungarian Solution
Bugsy CRL Group 1986 English Solution
Bulbo and the Intrepid Adventure Zenobi Software info 2018 English
Bureaucracy Infocom info 1987 English Solution
Carma Marnie Parker 2001 English Hints
Case of the Obscene Mural, The Encief Routines 1986 English Solution, Hints
Channel Surfing Mike Vollmer 2008 English Solution
Chose de Grotemburg, La Ubi Soft 1987 French
Como el Diablo Esnifando una Raya Expio 2007 Spanish
Conan Kill Everything Ian Haberkorn 2005 English Solution
Cottage Kimmo Eriksson, Olle E. Johansson, Viggo Eriksson 2009 English
Crazy Adventure New Dimension, The 1997 English Solution, Map
Cricklewood Incident, The Salamander Software, WPJ Associates 1983 English
Crimble Microtech Systems 1986 English
Custerd's Quest Alpha-Omega Software info 1986 English Solution, Hints
Day In The Life Of A Superhero, A David Whyld 2004 English
Day in the Life of a Tupperware Salesman, A Adventure Workshop, The info, WoW Software info 1995 English Solution
Debility ? 1991 Czech
Deek's Deeds Bass-On 1990 English Solution
Demonen Nikolaj Marquez 1989 Swedish
Demoniak Palace software 1990 English Map, Hints
Denis Through the Drinking Glass Applications Software Specialities 1983 English Solution