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Games - (unreleased game) (88 results)

This list is by no means supposed to be comprehensive - it just contains some of the more notable titles that never reached the final stage.

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Title Company Year Language Documents
Abyss, The Infocom info 1989 English
After the Fire Channel 8 Software info, Digital Fantasia info ? English
Amulet, The Mosaic Publishing info, Ram Jam Corporation, The 1987 English
Angra-i ? 1989 Portuguese
Ardonicus 3 8th Day Software ? English
Arrival Stephen Preston 1986 English
Assignment Hong Kong Sterling Software ? English
Avventura Nel Computer ? 1984 Italian
Barf the Barbarian 8th Day Software ? English
Batman - The Adventure Ocean Software 1986 English
Beast Enders Piranha ? English
Bizzarre Robsoft 1984 English
Blood of Smeagol, The Compass Software ? English
Cambridge Twig Systems Software 1983 English
Catastrophies at School NE-AD Software 1987 English
Chicago Activision, Ram Jam Corporation, The 1986 English
Colonists of Procyon Andromeda Systems 1984 English
Communion Robico Software ? English
Conan Mario Castro 1989 English Map, Hints
Craze Odyssey Computing 1984 English
Crazier Odyssey Computing 1984 English
Damien New Horizons Software 1985 English
Demons of the Deep Adventure Soft UK info ? English
Dirty Western A&S 1988 German
Enchantress, The Abstract Concepts, CRL Group ? English
Faerie 2: The Buggon's Gold 8th Day Software ? English
From Darkness into Light CRL Group ? English
Fun Fair Adventure Simon Fawkes 1983 English Solution
Gemini Mission Sean Bolton 1984 English
Gnome Free Level 9 Computing info ? English
Goodnight Cruel World Abstract Concepts ? English
Greg the Egg ? ? English
Handful of Snow, A Zenobi Software info ? English
High Odds Crusader Computing ? English
Hot Girls A&S 1988 German
In Search of the Aurora Tony Rome ? English
Into the Abyss Mandarin Software 1986 English
It's No Game Soft Rock Software ? English
Ivor - Escape from the Asylum Rhiannon's Citidal 1984 English
Jet Set Wally Lumpsoft ? English
Juxtaposition II - Usurper of Rune Wintersoft ? English
Kalkazor Max Palmer ? English
Lair, The Utopia Software 1984 English
Lauren of the 25th Century Rihannon Software 1984 English
Legacy of Light, The Mastervision 1985 English
Long Journey Home, The ? ? English
Lost Island, The ? 1990 English Solution
Magician's Nephew, The ? ? English
Malinsay Massacre, The CRL Group ? English
Mandrake's Domain ? ? English