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03-12-2000 (Gunness)

14 new solutions and a completed one - this means that for the first time, the archive has passed the 500 solutions mark. I'm currently writing a paper due soon, so I'll make this brief. For the same reason, the next batch of C64 games has been postponed, but should be added next time. Thanks to all for the continued support to all - I don't have too much time for writing solutions myself at the moment. Hopefully, sooner or later I'll be able to add some of my own material again. Contributors: Jim Groom, John D. Ryan, Mark Chester, terri, Phoebe Fuentes, swobi, Ton Kroon, Dorothy

07-11-2000 (Gunness)

11 new C64 adventures for download have been added to the downloads section. And more will arrive next time around. A bunch of credits have been fixed, mainly thanks to Dorothy M. Contributors: Jim Groom, John D. Ryan, terri, swobi, Dorothy

27-10-2000 (Gunness)

As promised last time, I've decided up upload a few "rare" C64 games which I believe are difficult to find on the net. Until the Gamebase64 is ready, this is probably your best shot at getting them. More will be added next time. I've also received some new requests - please help if you can: Gates of Dawn, Star Trek: First Contact, The Terrors of Trantoss. Contributors: Mark, terri, Marky Boy, swobi, Dorothy

20-10-2000 (Gunness)

The Gamebase64 project is getting closer to a completion. Once it's finished, it will cover every (?) game ever made for the C64, and all those games will possibly be released on a cd. Well, while we're all waiting for that to happen, it might be worth trying out some rare adventures for the C64. I've just completed transferring my old c64 disks to emulator format. Most of these can't be found on the net or are difficult to find. Starting next time, I'll give you C64 owners a chance to get those games. Check back soon! Mark Keiter has provided me with an adapted solution for Pool of Radiance and no less than 26 (!) handdrawn maps. If anyone needs to get in touch with Mark, his mail address is in the solution. I've been really busy after returning from the U.S:, but I'll try to make more frequent updates. Contributors: Mark, terri, Marky Boy, swobi, Dorothy

02-10-2000 (Gunness)

Well, I've returned in one piece! The U.S. trip was absolutely amazing, but now it's back to the daily grind :o( I have a lot of things that need my attention, but I'll do an update a.s.a.p. Meanwhile, let the mails flow again, and please add something that I can upload!! Contributors: CJ_Egern, Michael Lambert, terri, swobi, Dorothy

30-07-2000 (Gunness)

I'm leaving for the U.S. in two days and will return on September 29th. As a result, I won't be able to read or reply to any letters until the start of October. Meanwhile, please use the discussion board if you have problems. And pretty please, don't send any letters until I return, or my mailserver will overflow. However, I'd be glad to get lots and lots of letters and new material around that date! :o) Have a great summer! Contributors: CJ_Egern, Leon Rajman, Odd Magne Ogreid, Michael Lambert, terri, Ross, swobi, Dorothy

14-07-2000 (Gunness)

I will probably have time for one more update before I go to the U.S., and then that's it until the end of September! So, in order to keep the site alive, I've added a new service: a discussion board! High summer may not be the best of times for that, but since I won't be available later on, it had better be now. I hope you will all welcome the new board and use it, both while I'm gone and afterwards. The board is open to just about any kind of adventure discussion, so please post ideas, questions, pleas etc.! I've used this chance to clean up the design a bit: the hints have been integrated into the solutions section, so you'll get a better overview. I've spent a lot of time doing it, so I hope you like it. Similarly, the no-frames version has been improved a bit and I've dumped the ugly background that I've used since the beginning. The site really needs a new look, but I need a graphics artist to help me. It'll have to wait till I return. Finally, there's quite a bit of new material - especially new maps. Thanks to all of you!! Contributors: Leon Rajman, Odd Magne Ogreid, Ross, swobi, Dorothy

21-06-2000 (Gunness)

Just a small update today, as more of the maps are coming back online. I've also included two new maps, one of which is for the nearly unmappable Rendezvous With Rama. Enjoy! Contributors: Gunness, terri, Dorothy

19-06-2000 (Gunness)

From the beginning of August until the end of September, I'll be travelling around the U.S. (travel tips are more than welcome!). But there is still time for a few extra odds and ends. As some may have noted, a lot of the maps haven't been working lately. This goes for all maps from Druadic's website. He decided to shut down due to continuous theft of his work. Most of the maps are now back online, but this time in PDF-format (Acrobat Reader). So, in the future, you'll need the AR to view those maps. On the plus side, though, the maps have been reduced in size and enhanced in quality. Due to Druadic's problems, the following maps have been temporarily removed - they will be added again a.s.a.p.: Ballyhoo, Borrowed Time, Breakers, Brimstone, Essex, Fish, Fraktured Faebles, Hollywood Hijinx, Kabul Spy, Lurking Horror, Palace in Thunderland, The Pawn, Rambo - First Blood part II, Stationfall, Tass Times in Tonetown To compensate, you get 20 new maps and 15 new solutions instead. The solutions include entries for the very neat In Search of Angels, the classic (and strange) Critical Mass, and a couple of long-overdue Scott Adams titles. Hopefully, this will keep everybody sufficiently occupied. This also means that the hints update - along with a new batch of reviews - is being pushed back until next time. Contributors: Gunness, terri, Vaxalon, Dorothy

30-05-2000 (Gunness)

Due to papers in the works and outstanding movies like Gladiator (go see it right away!), I haven't had much time for adventuring lately. But it seemed that an update was long overdue, so here goes... I have received my first "award"! It's from something called - it may be a bit premature to dedicate a whole section to awards, but it's a start :o) The links to World of Spectrum and Kim Lemon's C64 site have been updated, as they have changed domain names. The VICE C64 emulator has been updated some time ago - the links to it have been updated at last. The X128 Spectrum emulator has also been updated. Druadic's map site has had a number of new entries as well. And if you're into rare PC text adventures, he has something interesting in the works, too! As the survey (please answer it if you haven't already) demanded more hints, I'm working on entering just that - and to integrate hints with the main section. More next time! Finally, three new requests have been added. Please help! Contributors: Alex, Andrew Barker, Oistein Ihle, terri, Vaxalon, Dorothy

01-05-2000 (Gunness)

The survey launched last time has generated some answers, but I'd really appreciate it if more of you would help me with it! Things won't get better unless you speak up. However, already now one thing is obvious: the hints section is a good idea, it just needs more entries. I couldn't agree more! So how about sending me some hints for the hints section? :o) 3 new reviews are up this time, including a look at Telarium's strange Rendezvous With Rama. 3 new requests have been added. The credits section has been broken up, as it was getting a bit long. Finally, there are a record-breaking 21 new solutions! Thanks to all for being so active!! The new solutions include the very tricky Philosopher's Quest and Sphinx Adventure from Acornsoft. Contributors: zjuric, Alex, Andrew Barker, Oistein Ihle, Carol Pedder, terri, Dorothy

11-04-2000 (Gunness)

I've added a small survey which I hope you'll spend a few minutes on! The site has quite a lot of visitors but I really don't know what you like. I've promised Philip Richmond to give his 'Creative Adventure Toolkit' for Windows a mention. The CAT will allow you to write Quill/PAW-style adventures with graphics and sound quite easily. I've only had time to give the CAT a brief look, but it does look very promising!! If you're a budding adventure writer, why not give the CAT a try? Read more on Philip's homepage... This update features a number of (requested) solutions and maps (more are on their way). These include a number of contributions from Andrew Barker, who sent me those things half a year ago, after which I managed to misplace his letter :( Well, that's what happens when you get too much mail... Sorry to Andrew and thanks to all, as usual. I've revised the reviews section slightly, to make it more efficient. This means, however, that non-fans of JavaScript will have a hard time. You can't please everybody, I guess. Next update will give you a whole bunch of fresh reviews, so check back soon or join the update list Finally, I've added a link to the BBC section of the links page Contributors: zjuric, Alex, Andrew Barker, Carol Pedder

20-03-2000 (Gunness)

Minor update today: the following emulators have been added to the links page: Contributors: Jonathan Blask, terri, Dorothy

16-03-2000 (Gunness)

I'm back (in one piece) from my ski trip, a web design course and more. The latter should hopefully - at length - provide you with a better designed site. As promised some time ago, I'd give reviews of a couple of my favourite games. Well, both Fahrenheit 451 and Kentilla are here now, and neither is to be missed. Read more in the reviews section Oops... in last time's interview with Graeme Yeandle, I repeatedly called him Yaendle. Sorry about that! And that's not the only error. I've corrected about 15 broken links (whoops!) - that's what happens when you do everything manually, I suppose. I've started using a better editor which will keep track of things for me. I've also tidied up the reviews a bit - due to a silly fault on my part, they didn't display well in low resolutions. Isn't there anyone out there who'd like to write a review? Come on, people - I'm sure many of you can write a review!!! The solutions count is now past 400! Hopefully there will be many more in the year to come. Until next time... Contributors: Jonathan Blask, zjuric, terri, Dorothy

13-02-2000 (Gunness)

1 year birthday (almost!) Whoa! In two days, the site will be one year old, and already visitor #20,000 has been here. Thanks to all for the support. I hope that the next year will be just as interesting!! Since it's such a neat occasion, I'm very happy to announce a new interview: The Quill coverHave you ever tried writing an adventure game yourself, back in the good old days? Chances are that you might have used The Quill, probably the most popular adventure writing tool of the 80's. Well, now's your chance to meet Graeme Yeandle, its author. Run over to the article section and read on. On top of that, there are new solutions and maps (and some new requests which you might take a look at. So, while I'm going away on a ski trip, you can have a look at the new stuff. Again, thanks to all - keep the letters and new material coming! Contributors: zjuric, Marco Lanaro, Dorothy

26-01-2000 (Gunness)

Finally I've found the time to add a guestbook. Please sign in and make me happy :) The guestbook is found both on the opening page and on the main page (in frames mode) I'm currently working on an interview with Graeme Yeandle, the author of the famous adventure writing program The Quill. Hopefully it'll surface within a short while. It should prove very interesting reading (I think :o). Next time will also see the review of a couple of my personal favourites, so stay tuned... Two of the trickiest adventures around, Red Moon and Price of Magik, now have solutions. If you haven't played them, try them without the solution (hehehe!). I've tried playing through both of them but always wind up losing track of locations and objects. It's definely a worthy challenge for anyone. Christian Swoboda's Asylum page has been updated. It's on the article page. And there's a request for help on Mastertronic's Treasure Island. Finally, Druadic's map site has a lot of new maps. Have a look! Until next time, then... Contributors: zjuric, Marco Lanaro, Dorothy

18-01-2000 (Gunness)

Added a couple of links to the BBC section of the links page: where to find ROMs and Acornsoft games Contributors: Jonathan Blask, Dorothy

17-01-2000 (Gunness)

The links page has been completely revised (and checked, I hope!) - I've added links to all my favourite emulators, so if you don't know where to start, now's the chance. The list is, of course, strictly a matter of personal taste! A couple of requested solutions have been found, and I've added more reviews. If you feel like helping, just let me know! Contributors: Jonathan Blask, Ken Hart, Gunness, Nicolas Langlois, Dorothy

07-01-2000 (Gunness)

Amazing. We're past Y2K and the world is still here :) The first update in the new year features a new section, namely the reviews. Have a look and see what you think, and don't hesitate to write if you want to contribute! What else is new: a new link and new requests - please help! Contributors: Jim Groom, Ken Hart, Odd Magne Ogreid, Gunness, Kozísek Radovan, Nicolas Langlois, stuwhyte, Dorothy

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