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23-12-2001 (Gunness)

If anyone really cares about retro-gaming this close to Christmas, here's a small update. For starters (and I know I've bugged some of you about this already), anyone even remotely interested in adventure games, outstanding movies or enjoying themselves immensely (or all of the above) should rush out and see Lord of the Rings in a theatre. It's an experience not to be missed. Contact me for more ravings and rantings! A mirror of the site has opened at (thanks to Stefan and Manuel). The original site, at remains online. I haven't been able to remove the horribly outdated mirror at Commodore Zone. Finally, thanks to Marky Boy for yet another round of material! More is coming soon... Meanwhile, Merry Christmas, everybody!! Contributors: Richard Batey, R.E. Smith, Alex, Michael Robertson, John Barnsley, B. Steele, E. Yoong, Marky Boy, Andrew Edney, D. Jones, Dorothy, Barbara Gibb

07-12-2001 (Gunness)

Ah! Only 12 days to go to the movie event of the year. For those of you who can't wait for the first installment of Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy, sit down and play the C64 disk version of The Hobbit, just to convince yourself that it is actually possible to make excellent games based on Tolkien's work. Afterwards, check out Lord of the Rings and Shadows of Mordor to remind yourself that things can go the other way, too...(and if you're still desperate, check out Howard Shore's excellent score for the film) The links page has been checked and a lot of the links have been updated. Unfortunately, The Electric Mayhem and The IBM / Apple map archive have both closed down. I'm trying to get all the maps from the latter back online again. A huge thank you must go to Marky Boy for going through old issues of What Now and copying solutions from those! The rest of you are, of course, also appreciated :o) Contributors: R.E. Smith, Ken Hart, Alex, Gunness, Michael Robertson, John Barnsley, Geoff, B. Steele, terri, E. Yoong, D. Jones, Dorothy, Barbara Gibb

14-11-2001 (Gunness)

Once again, a much overdue update - sorry to all for taking so long. The Jack Lockerby (River Software) solutions are finally published. I wanted to write some reviews but couldn't find the time for it. Maybe later on...? I've also added a lot of "new" hints from C&VG's heyday. More will be coming... Thanks to all for the continued support. Contributors: Ken Hart, zjuric, Gunness, Geoff, terri, Dorothy, Barbara Gibb

27-08-2001 (Gunness)

Since I'm getting married on Saturday (September 1st), I probably won't have time to answer any mails until a few days after that date. Meanwhile, in the midst of all the hectic preparations, I've managed to squeeze in a few new solutions. Enjoy! Contributors: Jonathan Blask, Ken Hart, zjuric, Gunness, FredrikR, terri, Stefano, Dorothy, Barbara Gibb

31-07-2001 (Gunness)

Man... if I ever get to make more frequent updates, maybe they'd be more manageable :o) If anyone's even remotely interested in retro gaming during the summer, I have quite a few new things to offer you this time. The most important piece of news is the addition of hints for no less than 57 (!) games. I've gone through a large number of C&VG issues (best adventure magazine around, but in other respects it's downright awful - maybe that's why it's been large ignored, compared with Zzap!64, Sinclair User and Crash?), manually typed it all down (I really need a scanner!!) and added a lot of my own hints. There's a lot more to come, I just decided to split things up a bit. Some of the games in mention already have complete solutions, but I cannot encourage you enough: DON'T USE THE SOLUTIONS UNLESS YOU'RE VERY, VERY DESPERATE! I mean, tearing-out-your-hair-and-banging-your-head-against-the-wall desperate :o) In general, solutions ruin your fun. Always try the hints first. And if you have any new ones to add, please send them to me. A number of requests have been added to the requests page Next update will feature more hints and a number of new solutions and maps of my own. Until then, enjoy the summer! Contributors: Jonathan Blask, Ken Hart, zjuric, Odd Magne Ogreid, Gunness, FredrikR, terri, Stefano, Dominick Rampa, Barbara Gibb

26-05-2001 (Gunness)

The promised Jack Lockerby material has been pushed back, as there was so many other things that needed publication. A short while ago, I had nothing to upload, and suddenly, there are no less than 15 new solutions and 18 maps! A huge thanks you to Zeljko for his massive work on this update. Odd Magne Ogreid has supplied some new Amiga solutions as well. Finally, a couple of requests have been removed - read why on the requests page. Contributors: zjuric, Odd Magne Ogreid, Stefano, Dominick Rampa

26-04-2001 (Gunness)

I've given the layout a small overhaul, which should make it easier to find reviews, emulators etc. The site has also been given a more uniform look. Hope you like it! The next "real" update shouldn't be too far away. Contributors: terri, Stefano, Dorothy

09-04-2001 (Gunness)

I haven't received all that much new material, so it's been a month since the latest update. To make matters worse, I've been totally caught up in legendary designer Peter Molyneux' latest stroke of genius, Black and White. It may not have anything to do with adventures, but it's the most inventive and well-designed game in a very long time. So I've been hard at work teaching my mountain-sized cow to dance and perform miracles. Confused? Read this review. Next update, which is almost ready, will be dedicated to Jack Lockerby, the English game designer. I already have a whole line of solutions and maps lined up. Contributors: terri, Stefano, Dorothy

09-03-2001 (Gunness)

Just a minor update today - I've fixed some broken links on the Links page and finally gotten around to updating the BBC and C64 emulators. I find it a bit difficult keeping track of all the emulators for all those 8-bit machines. Maybe adding them directly to the site wasn't such a good idea :o) March 8th, 2001 Mark Keiter has supplied another major solution, this time for Champions of Krynn. The solution contains no less than 16 maps! Phil Richmond's CAT tool has been updated again, with a bunch of new features, making it even easier to use than before. Get it from the links page. Dorothy has, as usual, come to the rescue of a lot of lost adventurers. In addition, she has supplied a fixed version of the Spectrum game Magical Mystery Tour. It's been placed on the downloads page. And, for the first time in a very long while, I've managed to write down a solution myself (ooohhh! :o). More next time. Contributors: zjuric, Alex, FijneWIET, Gunness, Andrew Barker, Geoff, Kevin Oates, Mark, swobi, Dorothy

23-01-2001 (Gunness)

My paper has been delivered, so I'm back from my hiatus to bring you a few goodies to kick off the new year. As I'm writing this, the ever-so-long-overdue search facility is finally going to happen. More details next time. It has come to my attention that a few of the solutions in the archive are actually for Amiga-only games. However, the games in question are text adventures, and at the moment there doesn't seem to be any dedicated resources for text adventures for the Amiga. I'm considering having a separate section for Amiga titles. This will not include point'n'click games though, so all you Sierra-bashers can sleep peacefully. A lot of people have requested solutions for arcade-adventures, pointing out that there is no major resource for those solutions either. This isn't really my area of expertise, but who am I to go against public opinion? :o) I'm considering this as well. 16 new C64 games, which I have had a hard time finding elsewhere on the Net, have been added to the downloads section. Finally, Philip Richmond's CAT adventure writing program has been updated. Find it on the links page. Contributors: zjuric, FijneWIET, Geoff, terri, Mark Chester, Phoebe Fuentes, swobi, Ton Kroon, Dorothy

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Tooth Ow Zunden Won!


The game starts in the Screaming Yak curd diner. The Screaming Yak serves the best curd around and remains popular despite its hamster infestation. You soon find that you're confined to the restaurant, as the main exit doors are sealed with dried curd and the other door, marked 'NO ENTRY', is blocked by Brutus the chihuahua. Your mission is to get out of this hamster-infested diner.


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