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23-09-2003 (Gunness)

Here's a number of new solutions from Terri, many of them from Zenobi. Looks like she's been through Lost & Found, for we have Lost Gnomes, Temples and Twilights today :o) Thanks, Terri. And, as Gamebase64 is now in the air, I've removed most of the games from the download section. Please refer to the Gamebase site to find the games. Contributors: Geoff, terri

07-09-2003 (Gunness)

Since I turn 30 today, here's an immodest happy birthday to myself :o) However, I'll keep the selfgratulatory efforts at a minimum - we all have other things to do today! Geoff Wallis has supplied me with a couple of new solutions. Contributors: Geoff

01-09-2003 (Gunness)

The Gamebase64 project, which has been in the works for years, has finally been completed. The goal has been to gather and catalogue each and every game ever released for the good old Commodore. Quite a task, if you ask me! A few titles are still missing or bugged, but the final release has clocked in at a whopping 15,800 games and is sure to please even the most eager fans. I received my prerelease-version of the database today, and I am awestruck! The amount of work that has gone into this must be so mindnumbingly huge that I guess that had the people behind it known, they probably never would have started in the first place. The final release lists 331 adventure games with graphics and 729 (!) text-only releases. Right now the last wrinkles are being ironed out for the official release. You can follow the progress on the old site and, fairly soon, on the new one. Contributors: ASchultz

13-08-2003 (Gunness)

Contributors: ASchultz

07-08-2003 (Gunness)

There have been some technical problems on the site since the last update. I hope they have been fixed now. Contributors: Gunness, terri, Stefano, greybeard33

05-08-2003 (Gunness)

I have gone through my backlog of mail and located some more solutions. Thanks to all contributors. And the entire game downloads section has been cleaned up a bit, and two Amstrad games have been added, countesy of their author, Jason Davis. Contributors: Gunness, Kevin Lindley, terri, Anthony Deakin, Jim Bakman, Stefano, greybeard33

29-07-2003 (Gunness)

Another update during the summer and absolutely no one can be bothered to play computer games :o) Well, that's not entirely true - some of you have been active. A particularly huge "thank you" must go to Stefano for being patient with me. Sorry that it took such a long time to put your material online. Contributors: Neil Shipman, Magunov Sergey, Carol Pedder, Mark, Kevin Lindley, terri, Anthony Deakin, Jim Bakman, Stefano, Alex Cattaneo, Jonathan Ormond, David Lacey, Phil Jackson, Barbara Gibb, greybeard33

19-06-2003 (Gunness)

As usual, this update has taken a long time getting here. I owe a lot of you a letter of thanks for sending all this nice stuff. I also have some additional things that haven't been added yet, but I can't bear to take another look at my mail log right now. A few special additions: Adventure 200 which Patrick Beilby struggled with for 15 years! Mark Keiter has sent me an incomplete solution for Curse of the Azure Bonds, along with his usual beautiful maps. And finally a special thank you to Terri Sheehan for sending so many solutions. The emulators section has been updated in a lot of places - new (and working!) links and some new preferred emulators. Also added a link to Causes of Chaos author Mike Taylor's site. He's made a very entertaining and informative page about his game. Contributors: Neil Shipman, Alex, Bob Withers, Mark, Jonathan Ormond, Phil Jackson, Chris Thompson, greybeard33, Magunov Sergey, FredrikR, Carol Pedder, terri, Stefano, William Quinn, Alex Cattaneo, David Lacey, Ricardo Ferreira, Barbara Gibb

12-03-2003 (Gunness)

As usual, thanks to all contributors for the steady flow of material. A special mention must go to William Quinn for being stuck in his own L.A. Adventure and finally pulling through :o) Let me use this opportunity to ask all authors of games found on these pages: please get in touch with me if you feel that you have any (interesting) stories regarding your games. I'll do my best to include them along the way. Finally a very special mention to Dorothy Millard's new solutions site. This site definitely wouldn't be where it was today without Dorothy, so go ahead and take a look at her site (please don't stop visiting my site, though!) Contributors: Alex, John Barnsley, Bob Withers, Jesper Hvid, Jonathan Ormond, Chris Thompson, Geoff, FredrikR, terri, William Quinn, Alex Cattaneo, Khalid Jamil, Ricardo Ferreira

21-01-2003 (Gunness)

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody! And thanks to your continued support, this site received its 100,000th visitor around the 18th of December. How fitting, since that was also the day when the next chapter of the Lord of the Rings trilogy opened. If you haven't seen it yet, you're really missing one of last year's most entertaining movies. I'm going again on Friday :o) Along with a solution for the classic Amiga title, The Hound of Shadow, this update sees a new round of manuals. Thanks to Jesper Hvid for providing those. More will be added when I get the time to scan them. Contributors: Alex, John Barnsley, Jesper Hvid, Sherwin Robb, Geoff, terri, Stefano, Kim Stevens, Khalid Jamil

Random Game

Under the Ice


The time: Thursday, 11 June 1942, 1300 hours. The place: Somewhere in the North Atlantic.

You have been given command of the fleet submarine U.S.S. Helldiver, on patrol for German U-Boats.

Suddenly, a high-priority, coded message is radioed to you from Washington. A specially-equipped B-17 bomber with one VIP aboard has crashed on the North Polar ice cap (referred to as "the North Pole" in the game). All contact with the plane has been lost.

Aboard the plane is a diplomatic pouch bearing super-secret documents regarding the current and future joint war efforts between us and our uneasy allies, the Soviets. If these documents fall into German hands, the information they contain could cause our side to lose the war. Obtaining these documents is ABSOLUTELY VITAL!

Unfortunately, somehow there's been a leak, and a Nazi "deep-cover" agent, who's part of your crew, has informed Berlin of your mission. You must assume that there are Nazi subs between you and the crash site, with orders to sink you. Your spy has also been instructed to do all he can to compromise or terminate your mission. BE ON YOUR GUARD AT ALL TIMES!

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