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31-12-2005 (Gunness)

It's been a rush to reach the 1,000 solutions mark promised last time, but thanks to the efforts of Dorothy, Terri, Dohi, Sherwin, and especially Doreen, we made it just in time for popping the champagne. Now I am certain to be the centrepiece of any New Year's party. So thank you all for your continued support. I wish everybody a (late) very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Here's a virtual toast to lots of retro adventuring in 2006, where I hope to see as many of you as possible returning. Before I wrap up...As you may notice, some of the solutions are for AGT and Inform. The site is still (and will remain) focused on 8-bit games, but it is my clear impression that lots of you are also playing the newer text adventures. Contributors: Alastair, Dorothy, Sherwin Robb, Dohi, Doreen B, terri

07-12-2005 (Gunness)

Terri Sheehan, Alastair and Doreen Bardon have had a lot of fun (and struggles) finishing Peneless. But solving a game with others is usually a lot more fun than doing it on your own, so I can only recommend that more of you out there try it! I've also started adding some solutions from Dorothy Millard's terrific site. The number of solutions have now reached 969, and it would be nice to reach 1,000 by the end of the year. So, if you have any solutions lying around, now would be a good time to submit them! There's also a new map with this update - they are few and far between, so please consider making one when you are completing a game anyway Contributors: Alastair, Gunness, Dorothy, Doreen B, terri, Barbara Gibb

30-11-2005 (Gunness)

As promised last time, the solution and map for Sadim Castle have been completed. Thanks to Barbara Gibb for sending a solution as well. And as usual thanks to Terri for sending a new batch of material. Contributors: Gunness, Doreen B, terri, Barbara Gibb

08-11-2005 (Gunness)

Apart from a new batch of solutions from Terri, I've added some hints and a map for MP Software's Sadim Castle myself. I've been stuck for some time, but thanks to Barbara Gibb I found the final command to finish the game. Full solution with the next update. Contributors: Gunness, Doreen B, terri

25-10-2005 (Gunness)

Today I am very pleased and proud to announce a new interview. Back in the 1980's Keith Campbell's pioneering column in Computer & Video Games was one of the world's best resources for information on adventure games. Keith's helpline, reviews, and articles were a major inspiration for my exploration of the wonderful world of adventures, and I was always dying to get my hands on all those exotic games he mentioned. At the beginning of 1990, the column was closed without warning, and I've spent a lot of time ever since trying to find the man himself. Thanks to the assistance of another pioneer, Scott Adams, my friend Morten Wittrock and I located Keith some time ago and have conducted a very interesting interview with him. I think you'll enjoy it. Comments are appreciated. In other news, here's a small plug: for those interested in modern IF, Scott Dillman has modified WinFrotz to make it accessible to all visually impaired gamers. Read more here or download here. Finally, thanks to the ever active Terri Sheehan for supplying a large batch of solutions. Contributors: Odd Magne Ogreid, terri

17-08-2005 (Gunness)

Lately the weather's simply been too nice for me to do much with computers. But since summer's fading away, I thought this would be a nice occasion for an update. Thanks to all for sending Contributors: Guido, Odd Magne Ogreid, terri, Ross

05-07-2005 (Gunness)

After (way too) many years I've finally completed my education, so it'll be interesting to see how soon I can land a job and what kind of wonders it'll do for CASA! Anyway, the last weeks have been extremely quiet. Thanks to Odd Magne, Terri, and Guido for giving me something new to upload. Today's update includes solutions for all Aardvark adventures for the C64 Contributors: Guido, Odd Magne Ogreid, Geoff, terri

09-06-2005 (Gunness)

Paul Newport, who used to run the popular site Commodore Zone, has informed me that the site will relaunch on June 18th. Apparently CZ (which incidentally hosted a mirror of CASA for a while - thanks, Paul!) closed due to escalating costs for hosting etc., but Paul will give it a new try. Welcome back! This week's update features a few new solutions and updates - thanks to Terri, Geoff & Ville. Contributors: Geoff, terri

01-06-2005 (Gunness)

A quick update today! Anyone enjoying the old public domain adventure Nellan Is Thirsty might want to check out the spiffy point'n'click remake with full speech. Contributors: wilko0070, terri

09-05-2005 (Gunness)

Thanks to Wilko and Terri for this week's updates. Due to real life obligations, I won't have much time for the site during the next few weeks. I'll try to keep up with the forum, though!

Contributors: wilko0070, terri

22-04-2005 (Gunness)

I've uploaded an incomplete map for Holy Horrors, a BBC game which has been causing some of us a lot of headaches. Maybe somebody will be able to progress a bit further with this in hand?

Contributors: wilko0070, terri

10-04-2005 (Gunness)

A special thank you this time to Wilko Schröter for sending me a heap of new solutions and maps. More next time! Contributors: Gunness, wilko0070, terri

30-03-2005 (Gunness)

Today's round of new solutions allows the number of solutions to reach exactly 900. I hope we'll reach 1000 within the foreseeable future! Matthew Holmes has sent me the story of his company, Matand Software, that released the two Spectrum games Dome Trooper and The Doomsday Papers. Quite an interesting read! Contributors: Ken Hart, Gunness, Marky Boy, terri

22-03-2005 (Gunness)

The first results of the survey are in. To accommodate those who found the hints section a bit skimpy, I've dug out some hints from the vaults of my mansion (erm). Thanks to Marky Boy and old issues of C&VG for those. The survey is still running, and there's plenty of room for more entries, so please start voting - and everybody's welcome, site regulars and first time visitors! Contributors: Ken Hart, Gunness, Marky Boy

17-03-2005 (Gunness)

I've started an online survey which I hope you're willing to spend a few minutes on! Contributors: Gunness, Guido, terri, Matthew Holmes

16-03-2005 (Gunness)

Contributors: Gunness, Mark, Amby, Guido, terri, Matthew Holmes

10-03-2005 (Gunness)

Today's update features a game in German. If anyone has any non-English solutions lying around, don't hesitate to send them in. Contributors: Mark, Amby, Doreen B, terri

06-03-2005 (Gunness)

Contributors: Dorothy, Doreen B, terri

02-03-2005 (Gunness)

Added links for Zinc and Fredrik Ramsbergs Beginner's Guide to IF. Contributors: Dorothy, Amby, Doreen B, terri

01-03-2005 (Gunness)

Dorothy has kindly donated some of the solutions on the wanted list. Contributors: Dorothy, Amby, terri

26-02-2005 (Gunness)

With a slighly improved design the site has found its new home here at Hope you like the new look! Please notice the new email address in the Contact section.

21-02-2005 (Gunness)

I'll be hosting a session of Zinc on Wednesday (23rd). Read more about it here. Hope to see some of you then, if nothing else to chat with some of my fellow adventurers. Contributors: Ken Hart, Gunness, Jeffrey Hoeksma, terri

18-02-2005 (Gunness)

My main reason for this update is to inform you about Zinc. Zinc is a nifty little adventure interpreter that allows you to play modern text adventures together over the internet, create maps in common and chat while you try to solve the game. I'm planning to host a session soon - probably some time next week. If you're interested at all, please head over to the discussion board's "Want to Play" section and look at the Zinc entry. Contributors: Ken Hart, Gunness, Amby, Jeffrey Hoeksma, ASchultz, terri

14-02-2005 (Gunness)

A round of new solutions and maps this week - in addition, I've tried (in vain) to alleviate the hideous appearance of the site with a bit of styling. Fortuntely, something better is on its way, thank you very much! Contributors: Gunness, Amby, ASchultz, Doreen B, terri

05-02-2005 (Gunness)

This update features 20 new solutions - a huge thank you to Terri and Doreen for keep a constant flow of new items. I realised that I was falling a bit behind in the statistics so I sat down and solved a couple of small games just to prove that I could still supply new material myself. This meant that I have now endured the worst adventure game I have ever had the dubious honour to come across. Ladies and gents, I dare you to have a go at Rooms of the Lost Jewel (it's available from Gamebase64). It's quite something, I assure you! I've also dug out a lot of maps I've had lying around for 15 years; they'll be added over the next few updates. Until next time... Contributors: QN, Gunness, sky-non, Amby, Guido, Dimitris Kiminas, Doreen B, terri

12-01-2005 (Gunness)

Welcome to the first update of 2005. Quite a lot of games from the wanted list have now been solved, thanks to the combined efforts of the forum crowd. Dimitris Kiminas of the Gamebase64 project has sent me a rather odd walkthrough. During their debugging of Rod Pike's Dracula (the current versions in circulation all have faulty graphics) he decided to write down a list of every possible way - including those grisly pictures - that the player can die. Quite original! Finally, Dorothy Millard has moved her adventure site to a new location, adding a whole lot of solutions in the process. Contributors: QN, sky-non, Amby, Guido, Dimitris Kiminas, Doreen B, terri

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