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13-10-2008 (Gunness)

Two days ago I became the father of a lovely little boy. This means less time for other activities, and I'll probably take a longer time replying to mails and such - at least for a while :)(if anyone's interested, here's what little Arthur looks like - pic 1, pic 2) Contributors: Alastair, dave, terri

27-09-2008 (Gunness)

Today I'll start with a bit of sad news. As regular visitors will know, I'm a huge fan of Keith Campbell, His columns in C&VG was a major source of inspiration for me and for many other European adventure gamers. Well, as it turns out, Keith passed away two years ago. At the time I was playtesting a new game of his, and all of a sudden, all communication from him ceased. I just learned of his death because I was contacted by Simon Marsh, one of Keith's fellow writers from C&VG. Simon has written a brief tribute to the finest adventure game journalist of the 80's. As for the bread and butter of this site (that would be the solutions and maps), it's been really, really quiet lately. I'm working on a number of maps etc. myself, but in the meantime, here are the latest additions from Terri Sheehan, Alastair and David Lodge. Contributors: Alastair, Gunness, Mark, Matthew Barton, Juan, dave, Michael Schmidt, Jerry Cornelius, Doreen B, terri

08-06-2008 (Gunness)

Hello, my patient visitors and users. It's been a while, but I've tried to ransack my mail log a bit better this time to ensure that as many of your entries are present in the archive this time around (I even found some old maps of my own - it's nice to add something myself to the archive once in a while! Particularly when it's stuff like Dungeon Adventure, which took ages). In other news... I've added a link to Three Days in Carpathia, the unreleased sequel to Valkyrie 17. You can find screenshots and an unplayable demo there. The page is part of Frank Gasking's intriguing Games That Weren't site for the C64. Simon Allan has sent me his latest reworking of one of his original Spectrum games. Moonscape finds you on a failing Moon base, trying to escape to Earth before it's too late. Sci fi buffs should enjoy this. Grab the game here. A couple of titles that have been on the requests list forever have been removed. So for anyone stuck in Caves of Olympus and Price of Peril, now's your chance! Finally, a couple of warm recommendations for people enjoying modern IF. The ever helpful Fredrik Ramsberg has pointed me in the direction of, which is an excellent resource if you feel like grabbing a piece of IF for the weekend and don't really feel up to the daunting task of choosing between the five thousand (give or take) titles released during the last month. Even more helpful is the Interactive Fiction DataBase (the IFDB, whose name is braving the inevitable onslaught of IMDB lawyers?), which makes selecting and downloading modern IF a breeze. Definitely worth checking out. Let me know if anyone finds any overlooked gems out there. Contributors: Alastair, iamaran, Gunness, Pti.Jedi, Mark, Matthew Barton, Juan, dave, Amby, Michael Schmidt, Jerry Cornelius, Doreen B, terri

02-01-2008 (Gunness)

Hello everybody, and welcome to 2008! Today's update features a number of very diverse games, including Passengers On the Wind, which a friend of mine requested a long time ago. I've tried the game with walkthrough in hand, and even then the game failed to make much sense. The comic books are nice, though. A particular thank you to Terri this time around, as she has sent a large number of contributions. Contributors: iamaran, Pti.Jedi, Gunness, Marco, Juan, Amby, Doreen B, terri

Random Game

Adventure of Bigfoot


Your adventure starts in a small, deserted mining town. Your objective is to capture Bigfoot and return him to civilisation, but first you have to find him. During your search, you will encounter many stereotypical old west themes, such as a desert, a gold mine and an Indian village. You will also have to find supplies, as you didn't think to bring any of your own.


This game was written using the Tex-Comp Adventure Editor and the data file saved in the Scott Adams TI-99/4A adventure format. It can be run on the TI-99/4A using the Scott Adams' Adventure cartridge or the data file can be extracted as a 'fiad' format file and played on any platform that supports the Bunyon adventure interpreter.

There are at least two versions of this game that can be distinguished from the title screen. One uses 'WELLCOME' (alongside many other errors), the other uses 'WELCOME' (and also corrects the other errors). The latter is assumed to be a corrected version.

Although the title screen says Welcome to Adventure #1, there are no other adventures known in the same series.

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