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31-12-2009 (Gunness)

From all of us (me?) to all of you - a very Happy New Year, with thanks for your continued support! The new website I talked about last time is progressing nicely, and I'm looking forward to tell you more about it. If there are any programmers out there willing to lend a hand with the project, it would be greatly appreciated, as the two chaps on the project are quite busy with other things, too. In addition, I'd love to hear from anybody able to assist with graphics/icons/logos etc. Due to the new website, the promised interview has been pushed back, but it'll arrive in due time. See you in 2010! Contributors: Richard Bos, Gunness, Mark, zenobifan, dave, Amby, terri

14-10-2009 (Gunness)

Autumn is here, along with a number of new entries. A special apology must go to Mark Keiter, whose documents have collected dust for far too long. Apart from a couple of my own projects that are still underway, including Seventh Star and Black Island Adventure, I cross my fingers that everything is here. If not, please bear with me and let me know! I also have a new interview in the pipeline - I think many of you will find it interesting. Coming up next time! Finally, and very importantly - after many years of false starts and hopes, it seems as if my endless whining about a site overhaul might just be paying off. Right now I would very much like to hear your input. Please head over to the forum and speak your mind! Contributors: Alastair, Richard Bos, Gunness, Mark, zenobifan, Juan, dave, Phil Jackson, Amby, Angus, Doreen B, terri

07-06-2009 (Gunness)

It's time for another update, with no less than 34 new solutions, as well as hints and maps. As always, I'm way behind the times here, but if it has slipped below anyone's radar, there's a highly useful project out there called Parchment, which runs Inform games via your browser and some nifty Javascript coding. This eliminates the need for installing an interpreter and lets you play dozens of Inform games, no matter where you are. Clever. And while we're at the online games, The Greedy Dwarf has been offline for ages, but Simon Ainsworth has kindly agreed to revive the project. I've received a number of emails regarding missing maps. Unfortunately it seems that those maps have gone the way of the dodo. I'll try to replace them, but for the time being, I've simply removed the links in question. I've lowered the map count accordingly. Sigh. Finally, and as always, thanks to all you busy little bees out there! I can see that Barrie M. Eaton's games have been in high demand lately. Contributors: Alastair, Gunness, Juan, Phil Jackson, dave, Amby, Angus, Doreen B, terri

11-03-2009 (Gunness)

Once in a while, this site needs to earn the right to its title. Fortuntely, a friend of mine, Morten Wittrock, has supplied scans for a 1980 (!) article in Byte Magazine on Scott Adams and his Pirate Adventure, with full source code included. It doesn't get much more classic than that! Boot up your trusty TRS-80's and read the article here. As for CASA's bread and butter, you've certainly been busy out there, particularly Terri Sheehan and Doreen Bardon, whose output I still struggle to keep up with. Thanks to all of you and keep typing! It's greatly appreciated, hints, solutions and maps. Contributors: Alastair, Juan, dave, Amby, Doreen B, terri

12-02-2009 (Gunness)

Contributors: Alex, Mark, Juan, dave, Doreen B, terri

04-02-2009 (Gunness)

Hey, look - it's already 2009! Yes, I know, I'm a little late to the party. But better late than never. Two of the long-standing requests, Logan and The Pain, have been solved and submitted to the archive. That's terrific news. Please let me know if anyone out there has any of the other requested solutions. Secondly, a nice chap named Wayne is the webmaster of a new site called Adventure Point. The site has information on well over 1,200 adventure games, both text and graphic ones. The site looks promising indeed, and Wayne has obviously put a lot of work into it. Do check it out. Finally, Martijn from World of Spectrum has kindly informed me that his site now covers more than 2,000 text adventures, rather than the measly 1,500 stated on CASA, and could I please update my records? Well, that's the kind of error I'm more than happy to correct! As always, thanks to all contributors. Until the next update, happy gaming! Contributors: Alex, Mark, Juan, dave, terri

Random Game

Twin Kingdom Valley


Collect as much treasure as you can without being killed. Your score increases as your success rate increases. The maximum score possible is 1024 points. The game begins with you standing on a road running from East to West. Nearby is a cabin which you have rented from the innkeeper of the 'Sword Inn'. Where you go and what you do is up to you. The best of luck...


The game was one of the early efforts to create NPCs in adventure games.

In 2006, the game was made available for Nokia phones via British publisher Silicon Magic.

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