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27-12-2011 (dave)

Things have been a bit quiet on this side, but I wanted to get an update out before the end of 2011. We still have some stuff submitted in the admin queue that we are working on adding!

Contributors: Alex, IstenNyila, iamaran, gamingafter40, terri, Alastair

05-12-2011 (dave)

A brief update to show that things are still moving. This time there has been some investigation into obscure French computers.

Contributors: iamaran, dave, Alastair, DataPro, Eriorg, Alex, gamingafter40, steveinuk, terri

05-11-2011 (Alastair)

A quick update to thank everyone who has submitted new games and solutions. (Apparently I've contributed something as well, but for the life of me I can't remember what!)

Contributors: Mr Creosote, SDon78, Alex, Alastair, iamaran, gamingafter40, Dorothy

27-09-2011 (dave)

It's all been a bit quiet recently due to having other commitments; but I'm happy to say that we've finally crossed the 5000 games in our database mark (5001 as of the time of posting). Thanks to all the contributors for this mammoth achievement!

Contributors: Alex, dave, iamaran, Dorothy, Gunness, Mr Creosote, gamingafter40

02-09-2011 (Alastair)

Our latest update sees a large number of Spanish titles added to the database, bringing the current number of game entries to a remarkable 4952.

Contributors: Alex, Gunness, Juan, dave, iamaran, gamingafter40, Dorothy, Alastair

19-08-2011 (dave)

Just a quick update to stop the next one being too big. We've had a large amount of new games added on multiple platforms. We are nearly at the 5000 games mark, which is quite impressive as a year ago we'd just got to 1500!

Contributors: einar, dave, Dorothy, Gunness, iamaran, gamingafter40, terri, Alex

07-08-2011 (Gunness)

This update features a heap of new C64 titles. A huge thank you to iamaran for gathering all this information. The remaining games reported by him will be added within a few days.

Contributors: Gunness, iamaran, gamingafter40, Alex, Dorothy, LTee,

23-07-2011 (Alastair)

Everything seems to be back to normal now after the downtime which means that the number of games and solutions in the site's database is again steadily increasing. Here are the latest additions:

Contributors: iamaran, Alex, Dorothy, stefanm, Mr Creosote, boojumsnark, Alastair

06-07-2011 (Gunness)

And we seem to be back on the air! Apologies to all for being offline for several days. This past Saturday, the Copenhagen area, where our servers are located, was hit by the worst rainfall in 30+ years. Many places have been flooded, and there have been widespread power outages.
This also affected our servers who apparently found themselves under several feet of water. Our web host has been struggling non-stop ever since to get its customers back online.

Well, I certainly hope we're there. I'm not sure if any data being added just prior to the crash has been lost, so if you've submitted anything recently and it's not in place, please let us know.

Again, thanks for being patient.

Contributors: dave, Alex, stefanm

25-06-2011 (dave)

Just a quick update to stop the list getting too big!

The last update contained the first games that we've found released natively on the Android mobile phone platform, showing that we're not totally behind the times! The list is currently wanting, so if you have found or play any native mobile phone text adventures, please submit them.

Contributors: stefanm, Alex, dave, iamaran, Alastair, boojumsnark

13-06-2011 (Gunness)

It's been a while since our latest update, so here's the recent list of additions.
Contributors: iamaran, Gunness, dave, Dorothy, Alex, Alastair, terri

29-05-2011 (Alastair)

It's Sunday night so I suppose one of us should post an update! And what an update it is, with a huge number of solutions added to the site.

Contributors: iamaran, Alex, Alastair, dave, Eriorg, Dorothy

17-05-2011 (Gunness)

Lo and behold! Exactly one year ago the new version of CASA was born (kicking and screaming, too!) My my, how time flies when you're having fun :)
We've come a long way since then, and the baby keeps growing nicely - and more or less according to schedule. Thanks, everybody, for keeping those contributions coming, and a particular thank you to my co-admins for helping with the creation of the site and the maintenance!
(For the record, Google came up a little short when it came to "text adventure birthday cake" - shesh... so this tasty-looking piece of C64 goodness was the best I could come up with)

Contributors: dave, iamaran, Dorothy, Alastair, Alex

07-05-2011 (Alastair)

It's the weekend and an impressive looking list of updates is just waiting to be published.

Contributors: Alex, gamingafter40, iamaran, Juan, Eriorg, Gunness, Dorothy, terri, dwest, Alastair

28-04-2011 (Gunness)

It's been a while since our last news update, but please remember that this is just a rundown of what's happened since then. Even though we don't post news items all the time, we try to process your submissions as quickly as possible and solutions etc. are usually added several times per week.
A special mention this time must go to THayes, as some of his solutions...erm.... slipped under the radar recently (ok, ok, that's a nicer way of saying "I misplaced them"!).

Contributors: Eriorg, Gunness, dave, THayes, Alex, gamingafter40, iamaran, terri, Alastair

15-04-2011 (Alastair)

As many will probably have realised by now these updates do not adhere to a regular schedule. They appear when someone thinks that enough new or updated material has been added to the site that an update is warranted, or when some important news is pending. So without further ado here are the latest additions and updates, and my apologies to blurgle for not mentioning his review in the previous update.

Contributors: Gunness, dave, iamaran, Starscream, Juan, Alastair, Dorothy

07-04-2011 (Alastair)

It's been a week since the last update and there has been quite a bit of activity as you can see.

Contributors: Alastair, dave, Gunness, THayes, billy7720, SDon78, Alex, Dorothy, blurgle

31-03-2011 (Gunness)

This week's update features a number of C64 games. This platform is tracking way behind the Spectrum here on CASA, and personally I'd like to change that status a bit :)
We have a large no. of solutions in the pipeline - they'll be added during the next few days.

Contributors: dave, Gunness, Amby, Alastair, Mark, Dorothy

22-03-2011 (Alastair)

A trumpet fanfare please! There are now over 4,500 games in the database.

Contributors: dave, Gunness, Alastair, Alex, Mark, Dorothy

11-03-2011 (Gunness)

Playtesters needed! With this week's update, we also have a request from Larry Horsfield, who's a well-known name in the homegrown adventure community. Larry has been porting some of his games to the ACE format, and he needs people who can help test the games. More details in the forum.

Contributors: dave, terri, Mark, Alex, Juan, gamingafter40

03-03-2011 (dave)

Another weekly update. A selection of solutions from the hive of activity that is terri and Juan are present. We have also started to delve into the murky world of Japanese text adventures and have initially added some Japanese ports of western games, but expect more!

Contributors: Gunness, dave, Juan, terri, Alastair, gamingafter40

23-02-2011 (Alastair)

Another substantial update sees the number of games with solutions pass the 2000 mark. A big thank you to all who have contributed.

Contributors: Alex, Juan, Ambat Sasi Nair, iamaran, Richard Bos

14-02-2011 (Gunness)

With this week's update - yet another large one - the number of solutions in the archive is closing in on 2,000. Still, as of this moment there are nearly 2,500 unsolved games remaining, so there should be plenty of titles to keep everybody occupied for a while!

Contributors: Alex, gamingafter40, terri, Juan, Odd Magne Ogreid, Mr Creosote

05-02-2011 (Alastair)

With a large number of new solutions added to the site I guess it's time for another update.

Contributors: Gunness, iamaran, Eriorg, terri

27-01-2011 (Gunness)

Among other things, this week's update features a number of games created with STAC, the Atari ST successor to GAC.
In addition, I located a number of Japanese games for Fujitsu's FM-7 series. As my Japanese skills are slightly underwhelming, I'd be grateful for any input as to what these games are about :) (and I'm sure that Exercises in the Hell is just a really, really bad translation)

Contributors: Gunness, iamaran, dave, gamingafter40

17-01-2011 (Gunness)

Another week, another round of updates!

Contributors: Gunness, dave, Alastair, df, gamingafter40, Alex, terri, zenobifan

06-01-2011 (Gunness)

Welcome to 2011! It's been rather quiet around here lately - I presume that people have been getting some well-deserved holiday R&R.

Contributors: Gunness, computerclassics, Alex, dave, terri, gamingafter40

Random Game

Prophecy, The


For years, the inhabitants of the Lands of the Outer Marshes, at the Northern edge of the Great Ocean, have lived happily in peace. In recent weeks, however, rumours have been growing in the Southlands of the gathering of forces of the Dark Lord Salandra. Then, one dark morning, the Elders call the Villagers to the Moot.

Soon, very soon my friends, the Dark Forces of the evil Salandra will be abroad in our fair land. Even now, the black sails of his warships are gathering at the far side of the Great Ocean in readiness to transport the evil hordes of his armies to our continent. Once the Outer Marshes have fallen under his misrule, he can spread Northwards past the desert and on to the Valley of the Seven Kings. We are in dire peril and need the guidance...

...of a mighty warrior.

A hushed murmur fades away into expectant silence. All had heard of the Prophecy of Thrull. Seven Ages ago there had lived a Warrior whose struggles against the opponents of Peace were legendary. Stories were told that through these deeds he had acquired the favours of the gods and had attained the status of an Immortal. One day he left the Lands of the Outer Marshes, promising he would return if ever the tranquillity of the Lands was threatened.

He left a parchment with the Chief Elder whereon was inscribed a prophecy. Thrull, for that was his name, was seen no more. The prophecy foretold that the kingdom across the Sea would fall under the powers of evil after seven generations had been born.

The Chief Elder speaks again.

"The Oracle tells me that Thrull has not died but lies sleeping somewhere near the cliff-top by the Great Ocean. To waken him from his deep sleep, one amongst you needs to prove our Village worthy by taking him THREE items which will be found on your quest. Each item will be symbolic of one aspect of Thrull's chivalry and prowess.

"The items are:

  • A SWORD - symbol of strength and might
  • A TALISMAN - symbol of protection and supernatural force
  • THE KNOWLEDGE OF OUR FOREBEARS – symbol of our understanding
"The Oracle says that two of the items will be attained through helping others. Five days ago a mysterious intruder broke into the Elders' quarters and stole The Book of Knowledge. It would seem to us that this event was related in some way and that the retrieval of the Book has been pre-destined.

"Now, will there be one among you to set out on this quest?"

You hear a loud shuffling of feet and then, to your horror, find that all but yourself have taken a step backwards. The Chief Elder addresses you:

"Good luck, my child. May fortune favour you."

So it is that you reluctantly set off on a journey fraught with danger, mystery and adventure. After a couple of minutes' walking, you find yourself on an East/West road. GOOD LUCK!


Inspired by the 1982 Jethro Toll song Broadsword

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