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24-12-2014 (Gunness)

It's time to wrap up 2014 - on behalf of my hard labouring co-editors and myself, I'd like to wish everybody a merry Christmas and happy journey into 2015. Thanks for your continued support, everybody - it's great to see these old games kept alive.
See you next year (early, I hope)!

Contributors: Alastair, jgerrie, leenew, Gunness, Alex

11-12-2014 (Gunness)

So.... this is the time of year where I'm supposed to point you in the direction of seasonal titles of questionable merit. Right?

Well, not so this year. Currently we're trying to untangle the complicated history of the Topologika games, which originated on mainframes, got released in truncated form for the BBC, then later re-released in complete (?) versions by Topologika. I'm sorry to say that I've only played a few of these, but the quality seems to go hand in hand with the difficulty level!
We're still editing the various entries to clarify which machines they were released on, but feel free to dive in and take one or more of them for a spin right away.
As always thanks to everybody who have chipped in, with a special nod to Leenew and Richard Bos for assisting with the Topologika entries.

Contributors: Alex, Gunness, Alastair, ChrisJT, Richard Bos, Quantum, dunjenkeepa

12-11-2014 (Gunness)

There are still a number of files and corrections in the pipeline, but for today I just want to point your attention to the recently released film From Bedrooms to Billions, which documents the rise of the UK gaming industry. If you have any interest in the subject matter, I think you will find that it's well worth your time.
It doesn't focus on adventure games in particular, but names such as the Austin brothers of Level 9, Ian Livingstone, and Charles Cecil are featured - as well as pretty much every UK arcade and strategy luminary you can think of.
If you're interested, have a look at the official website!

Contributors: Alex, Richard Bos, Gunness, Juan

31-10-2014 (Gunness)

It seems people have been busy - 6,000 games seems like a long time ago!
Personally I've been going through each and every issue (I think) of the multiformat SoftSide Magazine to uncover and update the various games, all 36 of them. Which has been rather complicated but in a challenging way. It's been a bit difficult to tell which computers their games originally ran on, so there are bound to be more changes.

Among them is Dog Star Adventure, which has the honour of being the first game to ever have been published in a magazine. The majority of SoftSide's games were released on disk or tape rather than in the magazine itself, but they're all here to explore and enjoy. So feel free to dive in. Thanks to everybody for being so active at the moment!

Contributors: Alex, iamaran, Gunness, pippa, Richard Bos, Darkiss, Sylvester, ChickenMan, Ambat Sasi Nair, Juan, Destiny, Dorothy, bbc_nettle, dbrimley

11-09-2014 (Alastair)

Goodness! That was quick! Just eleven days have passed since the last update and now the number of games in the database exceeds 6,100. Many thanks to the Industrious Half-Dozen.

Contributors: Alex, dave, iamaran, Richard Bos, Justananomaly, boldir

31-08-2014 (Gunness)


Bring out the champagne!
Another important milestone has been reached:
6,000 games in the database. Wow. Wow!
As always thanks to all you ceaselessly active users out there, but a particularly big thank you to our Dutch buddy Alex for entering the 6,000th game into our database. A number which I though we'd take a lot longer to reach.


If you're curious, the game in question is Digitaya, a French BASIC title which in many ways is representative of our mission here at CASA: to cover every text adventure under the sun - including the obscure, lost and forgotten ones. And in various languages (20+ and counting), too.

I don't think we'll reach 7,000 before the end of the year, but that's certainly an attainable goal in the future. Happy adventuring, everyone, and onwards with the next 1,000 games!

Contributors: Alex, Gunness, Richard Bos, pippa, Alastair, kritikov, iamaran, Barbara Gibb, boldir, Darkiss, Sylvester

30-07-2014 (Alastair)

Little more than a month has passed since the last update but that does not stop this update being one of the more impressive updates. A huge thank you to all contributors.

Of particular note in this and the previous update are the reviews for Chateau Gaillard by JGerrie and Acheton by Richard Bos, please check them out.

Contributors: Alex, Gunness, Alastair, Richard Bos, iamaran, Barbara Gibb

22-06-2014 (Gunness)

Hope everybody's enjoying the summer. Here's the latest round of additions - a few items remain in the queue as I have to take a closer look at them.
Contributors: iamaran, Alex, Gunness, Alastair, dave, Eriorg, Mousey, jgerrie, Rene van Hasselaar, Sylvester, ahope1, rsa

03-04-2014 (Gunness)

A long overdue news update - I've made a promise in the forum that I'd bring the IF Comp list up to speed. Now that it's been mentioned so prominently here, I guess there's no way around it!
As always, thanks to all who have submitted new stuff for us to add.

Contributors: Gunness, engineerWolf, Alex, jgerrie, Sylvester, Mousey, DannieGeeko, Dorothy, boldir, ASchultz, stonic, Dave_E, farique, rsa, Tinker, Rene van Hasselaar, terri

27-01-2014 (Alastair)

2014 has started the same way that 2013 ended, with yet another substantial number of games added to the database. We are well on the way to reaching six-thousand entries before the year is out! Once again huge thanks to all of our contributors.

Contributors: Alex, Alastair, DannieGeeko, iamaran, Sylvester

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