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07-05-2019 (Gunness)

There's no rest for the wicked! Anniversary or not, we try to keep the updating of the game database at a (mostly) steady clip. A particularly large thank you and welcome to Kozelek/Pablo, who has just joined the editorial team and has already been fixing and updating like there's no tomorrow. Kozelek will have a special focus on the Spanish releases, which suits me splendidly as my grasp of that language is woefully bad.
Speaking of.... we can always use more editors, not the least if you speak any languages outside of English (Italian, Russian and French would be nice!)

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20-02-2019 (Gunness)

As of today, CASA has been online for exactly 20 years. Most of the hobby sites of that era have closed down since then, so I think it's worth remembering. If anyone was holding out for some magic overhaul of the entire site, I'll have to disappoint you, but I've written a brief piece to commemorate the occasion. Thank you one and all for creating one of the most comprehensive adventure sites on the net!
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02-01-2019 (Gunness)

A planned Christmas update turned into a planned New Year's update which in turn led to this first update of 2019. 2018 saw a lot of activity on the site, and as always I'd like to extend my thanks to each and every one of you, whether you're an active contributor or simply use CASA as a site for reference and inspiration.

The year ended on a slightly dissonant note, as users in the forum didn't quite agree on which path the site should take in the future. The site grew out of my interest in the 8-bit scene, which should be fairly obvious if you browse through the games we cover and the people we've talked to over the years. But there's also been an extensive development in adventure gaming since Inform entered the scene some 25 years ago. I'd prefer to cater to our core audience whilst acknowledging that adventure games have continued to evolve since the decline of the 8-bit era. Judging from the debate, it's obvious to me that I need to tread carefully.

This subject nicely ties into the fact that in a short while, CASA will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Where we've come in 20 years and where we'll want to go from here is certainly food for thought.

Happy New Year and happy gaming in 2019!

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Random Game

Basic Train-ing


You start the game as a soldier dressed in green and armed with a green gun and a green knife. After a few moments, you realise that you're in a train carriage, along with a robot and a man encased in a clear plastic prison. Scenery flies past the windows. You know you must get off the train and you'll be free to return to your base.

But all is not as it seems...


This was an entry in Casual Gameplay Design Competition #7.

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