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07-04-2020 (Gunness)

Here's a much overdue update, posted in the middle of a global crisis which makes anything I have to say at the moment fairly pointless. Possibly many of you have too many other concerns to care a great deal about adventure games right now, but hopefully for some text games will be the perfect way to spend time while a lot of us are forced to stay at home, anyway. I sincerely hope that everybody is safe at the moment. Please take good care of yourselves, whereever you are.

Due to other obligations I have had very little time for CASA as of late, so props to my fellow administrators for keeping things flowing. I've just noticed that we've crossed the 8,000 games threshold. Very impressive!

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Crown of Mardan


There was once a priceless gold crown set with three of the largest precious stones known to man, but the crown had an even greater value, it possessed magical properties so that the Kings who wore it and their rightful heirs were blessed with great wisdom and power. Thus the kingdom of Mardan was peaceful and prosperous and the people were happy, apart from four evil Barons who were jealous of their King.

When the old King died the Barons gained possession of the crown, three of them each took a gem and the fourth the crown so that the new King would lose his power. You have pledged allegiance to the King and vowed to overcome the Barons and return the crown.

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