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30-12-2020 (Gunness)

This oddest of years is drawing to a close. But I'm happy to see that it has been put to good use. Our database lists no less than 67 new games released this year.
Once again, thanks to everybody for keeping the site up and running and new material coming in at a steady pace. I'm grateful for all contributions, be they in front of or behind the scenes.

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24-11-2020 (Gunness)

I haven't been around much during the last months, but I'm happy to see the level of activity and very grateful for everybody who helps keeping the operation running. Both in front of and behind the scenes. With large parts of the world in various stages of lockdown, I hope that some retro gaming can help keep your spirits high.

Contributors: Hopalong, stevenjameshodgson, ahope1, benkid77, iamaran, Dorothy, Garry, Exemptus, Gonzo, Alex, Geoff, Bev Truter, Oloturia, Csabo, nimusi, RetroBasic, Canalboy, dfabulich, auraes, jgerrie, jimjamsgames, Sylvester, CCLGamer, Gunness, Alastair, leenew, PJ-1978, Strident, adventuron

10-08-2020 (Alastair)

Update posts might have been tardy of late, but the same can not be said of actual updates - wow!

A thank you to everyone who has contributed to CASA during the past few trying months. (Plus a personal thank you from this not so active admin to the admins who have been putting the work in, I'll try to up my game in the future.)

Contributors: Alex, urbanghost, benkid77, iamaran, Strident, Exemptus, Doreen B, blauroke, Garry, Csabo, Dorothy, PJ-1978, auraes, Gunness, terri, Mousey, Zappa666, MiguelSky, ahope1, fuzzel, RetroBasic, leenew, Paul Ingerson, Canalboy, boldir, devwebcl, Dave Edwards, CCLGamer, Steve Ludlow, Duffadash, adventuron, jdyer, Moitcho, Alastair, Kozelek

07-04-2020 (Gunness)

Here's a much overdue update, posted in the middle of a global crisis which makes anything I have to say at the moment fairly pointless. Possibly many of you have too many other concerns to care a great deal about adventure games right now, but hopefully for some text games will be the perfect way to spend time while a lot of us are forced to stay at home, anyway. I sincerely hope that everybody is safe at the moment. Please take good care of yourselves, whereever you are.

Due to other obligations I have had very little time for CASA as of late, so props to my fellow administrators for keeping things flowing. I've just noticed that we've crossed the 8,000 games threshold. Very impressive!

Contributors: Garry, Mousey, Carlos, Dethmunk, ahope1, Strident, boldir, popocop, Gunness, Exemptus, iamaran, Alex, Moitcho, jgerrie, Csabo, adventuron, farique, RetroBasic, Sylvester, Andre Leao, nimusi, Alastair, Paul Ingerson, Canalboy, webowl, Tinker, Dorothy, Duffadash, Jewwbat

Random Game

Dungeon Romp, A



It was no use - Bernard just couldn't take any more. He was reduced to a sprawled heap clinging to the bar as Malcolm downed his seventeenth pint. Bernard had lost his bet and now regretted challenging Malcolm to a beer drinking contest. The price of his defeat? Exploring the local "dungeon" - a dark and dangerous place, off limits to the public due to the profusion of orcs seen to emerge from there. But Bernard Brainbeater was not going to back out, and with this decision he lost the fight to stay upright and slumped to the floor of the pub.


Bernard arose early the next morning, the way adventurers are supposed to, but the hangover and a brief, but terrifying look in the mirror served to convince him to stay in bed for a while longer.

A few hours later Bernard made a second, successful attempt at waking up and although the headache had receded somewhat he could not bring himself to eat his usual fried breakfast, settling for a bowl of something with an "amusing" pun on the word "wheat" in the name. Nearly suitably refreshed, Bernard set about equipping himself.


After rummaging through drawers for some time Bernard found the object of his search - his "Adventurer's Checklist". He scanned the list and started the hunt for the items it recommended: backpack, sword, shield, lantern - although finding these proved an adventure in itself, said objects not having been used for quite some time. However, after searching around in the shed he soon had all he required, also finding a small penknife he'd owned since he was a boy scout. This last he placed in his backpack and after positioning his pipe and slippers where he could get to them immediately on his return he left the house.


A leisurely stroll took him through the village and most people greeted him with a cheerful "Good luck, Mr Morris!" ("Brainbeater" was only his "stage" name) and Bernard thought that being the object of attention, even admiration, was at least one compensation of this "quest". Passing the weapons shop, a polished blowpipe caught his eye and Bernard bought this with the change he'd found at the bottom of the backpack, never noticing the "Blowdarts not included" sticker.

Leaving the town, Bernard saw fewer and fewer people and the surrounding wilderness became more and more inhospitable (although Bernard had to admit that any wilderness was inherently inhospitable, so he didn't bear it a grudge). He eventually approached the dungeon entrance and saw what was to be the first of many problems - how to get in past the royal guards?

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