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28-10-2021 (Gunness)

An update seems to be long overdue and I'm immensely impressed with the work that's been put into the continuing updates. Thanks so much everybody!

Contributors: FredB74, benkid77, Alex, Bragegatan, sequornico, iamaran, Strident, Richard Bos, Dorothy, DannieGeeko, Garry, Csabo, fuzzel, gamingafter40, boldir, rbiondi, Payndz, Denk, Oloturia, csb1980, auraes, Exemptus, nimusi, Canalboy, farique, RetroBasic, johnssavage, ASchultz, holz, Gunness, leenew, jdyer, Duffadash, ahope1

07-06-2021 (dave)

People are still beavering away with updating games and providing solutions. We've had a few new and rare games being unearthed too. Thank you to all the contributors!

Contributors: Csabo, Jonathan O, Jesper Hvid, Exemptus, Alex, Garry, FredrikR, boldir, benkid77, sequornico, terri, Alastair, Hermski, Denk, iamaran, Slartibartfast, Paul Ingerson, Oloturia, jgerrie, Gunness, ahope1, Zenobifan2, ASchultz, chrishester, nimusi, Canalboy, stevenjameshodgson, RetroBasic, Dave Edwards, Dorothy, auraes, Stefano, Strident, leenew, Duffadash, dave, adventuron

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