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16-05-2022 (Gunness)

A cry of "It's alive!" seems to be in order! We're almost halfway through 2022 and our site is still flourishing with several very active contributors. With over 250 new games and more than 175 new solutions added in the past few months, text adventures prove to have a strong endurance.

If we keep this pace within the next year we will reach the milestone of having a massive amount of 10,000 games in our database. Apart from our site there are other, very active text adventure communities. Even in 2022 it is possible to take adventure classes, and interesting new games are still being developed. Check for instance I Doesn’t Exist, which will soon seek crowdfunding.

Contributors: Ambat Sasi Nair, Garry, Strident, Alex, RetroBasic, iamaran, redhighlander, Sylvester, boldir, terri, The Glass Fractal, Exemptus, Dorothy, Mousey, Geoff, Denk, ahope1, eriktorbjorn, urbanghost, auraes, OVL, Voltgloss, Canalboy, Sharpworks, Paul Ingerson, nimusi, Sudders, Oloturia

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