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19-11-2012 (Alastair)

It has been a while since the last update but as you can see below there have been many additions to the site in the intervening period. Notably, these additions have helped push the number of games recorded in the archive to over 5,300.

Contributors: Gunness, Alastair, Amby, iamaran, Alex, dave, Dorothy

Random Game

Hobbit, The

Based on Tolkien's perennial masterpiece, the game features most of the central places and characters of the book.

An extensive article on the game's creation can be found at The Digital Antiquarian.

The C64 version came in two flavours: the standard tape version and a disc version with improved graphics, atmospheric music plus additional locations and puzzles.

The BBC Micro version was initially released as a text-only cassette tape adventure and then, later, as an enhanced disc version including graphics.

The game was sold in the US as The Hobbit Software Adventure.

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