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19-11-2012 (Alastair)

It has been a while since the last update but as you can see below there have been many additions to the site in the intervening period. Notably, these additions have helped push the number of games recorded in the archive to over 5,300.

Contributors: Gunness, Alastair, Amby, iamaran, Alex, dave, Dorothy

Random Game

O Zone, The

Professor Neil Richards, a brilliant scientist working on top secret miniaturisation experiments - code named Project-X, has mysteriously vanished from his countryside laboratory. Your task is a simple one...As the world Intelligence Network's leading secret agent you must solve the mystery of Professor Richards disappearance, and if possible recover the missing Project -X papers! Agent 37, you will hardly need reminding that your mission will be extremely dangerous! Success in finding Professor Richards before he does something catastrophic whilst in his highly irrational state is all important.

Ported to the BBC Micro in 2012.

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