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19-11-2012 (Alastair)

It has been a while since the last update but as you can see below there have been many additions to the site in the intervening period. Notably, these additions have helped push the number of games recorded in the archive to over 5,300.

Contributors: Gunness, Alastair, Amby, iamaran, Alex, dave, Dorothy

Random Game

Rouge Midget


Aboard the corporation mining ship, The Rouge Midget, you play a lowly scutter.

Whilst playing interstellar chess one night with Holly (the ships computer), she lets it slip that the ship is due to collide with an asteroid belt in a couple of days, leading to certain death for all. She has omitted to tell the rest of the crew as she doesn't want anybody to shout at her.

You must find a way to escape from the ship and find Scutter Heaven, a local planet where humans serve scutters.


Parodies British scifi series Red Dwarf.

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