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19-11-2012 (Alastair)

It has been a while since the last update but as you can see below there have been many additions to the site in the intervening period. Notably, these additions have helped push the number of games recorded in the archive to over 5,300.

Contributors: Gunness, Alastair, Amby, iamaran, Alex, dave, Dorothy

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Island of Secrets

Island Of Secrets is one of the first two books in a series marking the beginning of a completely new kind of adventure game. They each contain an exciting adventure program for you to type into your computer. As you play the game on the computer, the imaginary world of the game is vivdly recreated in colourful pictures in the book and you can find clues hidden in the pictures to help you.

An adventure game takes you into a different world where you have to pit your wits against magical forces, evil creatures and powerful tyrants. The books give thorough instructions on how to play and hints on what to do if you get stuck.

The programs are written in a standard BASIC and there are conversions listed to make them suitable for the Commodore 64, expanded VIC 20, TRS-80 Colour Computer (32K), Apple II, BBC (32K), Electron and 48K Spectrum.

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