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29-12-2012 (Gunness)

Well, here we are again, just in time to wish everybody a merry Christmas and happy New Year, hopefully with many great adventuring sessions in front of the computer in 2013!
Thanks to all contributors, and to all you users out there who are keeping this site alive.

A special mention this time around to all people involved in putting the final nails in the coffin of Holy Horrors. A lot of people on our forum have struggled with this Beeb title for years, and finally Alex took a look at the game code and provided the steps needed to get us across the finishing line. Let's see what 2013 has in store for us.
Contributors: Alastair, Alex, dave

Random Game

Robin Hood


Thou art somewhere in Sherwood Forest. Thus it begins. Take up thy bow and arrow and gather thy merry men, for thou art Robin Hood. There are rich merchants to rob and great deeds to do. But have care, bold Robin! The sheriff of Nottingham longs to see thy neck in a noose. Thou wilt surely need all thy wit and cunning to succeed.


This was adventure #14 in the SoftSide Adventure of the Month Club subscription service. It was released in July 1982 and first advertised in SoftSide magazine, issue 31, vol. 5, no. 10, July 1982, p. 81.

This is called 'Robin Hood' in the original advertisement and the game itself and 'Robin Hood Adventure' in the instructions. The latter was written by SoftSide staff, not the original author, so the former is considered to be the correct title.

This is loosely based on the legend of Robin Hood.

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