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16-02-2017 (Gunness)

Garry has been hard at work uploading info on Alan games, which means that our Alan selection has been substantially upgraded.

And as a heads-up for C64 enthusiasts: the ever-industrious Fredrik Ramsberg has ported a number (30-something) of Inform games to D64-format, so you can play some of the more modern titles on your favourite machine. I've tested a few of them, and it just works really well. More on his website.

Contributors: Sudders, Garry, Gunness, rockersuke, Alex, impomatic, iamaran

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Cheating Death


You are on a game show that takes place in a 4x4x4 cube called the 'cage of light'. You must recover the socks of death from your opponent, Al. You have two accomplices, Wheezer and a robot, who you may instruct to move around the arena. Can the three of you trap Al and recover the socks of death?


This was an entry in Speed-IF U. It is really a puzzle masquerading as an adventure.

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