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04-04-2017 (Gunness)

For a lot of Kickstarter backers (including me), last week's release of Ron Gilbert's Thimbleweed Park was a long-awaited event. Obviously the game falls outside the scope of CASA, but nothing's going to keep me from giving a loving nod to Mr. Gilbert's second game, a little, classic something called Maniac Mansion. Which obviously (?) falls outside the scope of CASA, too, but I love the game and there are certain perks to being webmaster. So there!

Did you know that four of Infocom's titles were released in Japanese?
Neither did I, until one of our readers pointed me in the right direction. Among other oddities I also came across a version of Zork I for the Sega Saturn and Playstation - with sound and visuals. Nothing is sacred I guess :)

As always, thanks to all you hard working people out there - so many things updated this time around.

Contributors: Sudders, Garry, Juan, chlamydiamagic, Alex, Highretrogamelord, impomatic, iamaran, Gunness, Alastair

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Secret Mission Radio

Without a word of explanation, you find yourself in a strange building (for all you know, perhaps even in a strange country) with an unexplained task ahead of you. By giving commands to the computer you endeavour to explore the building, to discover what it is and what you are meant to be doing there.

The game is a fascinating and frustrating way of finding out more about the work of FEBA Radio. Clear on-screen instructions are given for saving or loading a partly-completed game. Everything else you discover for yourself!

The game is suitable for ages 11 to adult.

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