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04-04-2017 (Gunness)

For a lot of Kickstarter backers (including me), last week's release of Ron Gilbert's Thimbleweed Park was a long-awaited event. Obviously the game falls outside the scope of CASA, but nothing's going to keep me from giving a loving nod to Mr. Gilbert's second game, a little, classic something called Maniac Mansion. Which obviously (?) falls outside the scope of CASA, too, but I love the game and there are certain perks to being webmaster. So there!

Did you know that four of Infocom's titles were released in Japanese?
Neither did I, until one of our readers pointed me in the right direction. Among other oddities I also came across a version of Zork I for the Sega Saturn and Playstation - with sound and visuals. Nothing is sacred I guess :)

As always, thanks to all you hard working people out there - so many things updated this time around.

Contributors: Sudders, Garry, Juan, chlamydiamagic, Alex, Highretrogamelord, impomatic, iamaran, Gunness, Alastair

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You play the part of Torgo, a creepy, disfigured, but ultimately harmless guy with a debilitating knee condition. Ordinarily, you like to hang out on the front porch and make odd jerking movements for days on end, waiting for passers-by to be lured in by your magnetic personality. You also look after the place when the Master is gone and, just at the moment, the Master is gone (meaning he's hibernating on his altar).
The Master has left you a list of duties to do while he's gone. Now where did you put that list?


Only entry in the Manos Minicomp, which itself was inspired by the notoriously bad 1966 horror film Manos: The Hands of Fate.

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