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13-05-2017 (Gunness)

This is probably the shortest update entry to date. I recently started a new job and have had to postpone all things CASA for a bit. I'll get to work on the backlog as soon as possible. Thanks for being patient!
Contributors: Alex, Juan

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Deadly Mission, The


In a far away land, there lives an evil magician who has cast his spell over the land of Ra. The armies of Gorlath have fallen under his command and are now threatening to invade our land. The magician's train has been loaded with ammunition and he is waiting for midnight to strike. I have been sent on a deadly mission to destroy the train and kill the magician.


This was published by Argus Specialist Publications in Computer Gamer, issue 13, April 1986, pp. 83-87. It includes primitive graphics in some rooms, but these are dismally slow, so play with graphics off. You can turn them on at any time with LOOK and turn them off with WORDS.

It was unofficially ported to the Spectrum in 1994 by Arjun Nair using The Quill. This is a fairly faithful port with some improved or slightly different messages and the solution is slightly different.

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