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13-05-2017 (Gunness)

This is probably the shortest update entry to date. I recently started a new job and have had to postpone all things CASA for a bit. I'll get to work on the backlog as soon as possible. Thanks for being patient!
Contributors: Alex, Juan

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Lost Twilight, The


This world in which we live is governed by many different sets of "rules" and "regulations" and even nature herself has her own laws. One such "law of nature" is that between the bright sunlight of "day" and the cold darkness of "night" there is a period of flitting shadows and misty vagueness that is known as "TWILIGHT".

Throughout the world this period, varies in length quite considerably but it is always there ... be it for a brief minute or over a period of time. It spans the divide between light and dank, allowing us to adjust to oncoming night and the blanket of darkness that envelops us all.

But for one poor lad that period of time was never to arrive. For him there was to be no intervening gap, no barrier of safety, no passageway to the dark unknown. For him there was only to be the step from brightness to dark, for he was to be the victim of the "LOST TWILIGHT".

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