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01-08-2017 (Gunness)

I usually try to keep the promotion of my personal additions to the site to a minimum (apart from interviews and such). After all, this site is all about its users and their contributions should take priority.

But when I write a lengthy review of the one game that almost singlehandedly got me into the adventuring business, I get all misty-eyed and I feel that it warrants a special mention. Yes, dear readers, Eureka! is very near and dear to my heart - warts and all. The game was released with much hullabaloo back in 1984 because of a much-coveted £25,000 prize. The prize is long gone, but judged on its own merits I think the game holds up fairly well, if you can accept its (considerable) technical shortcomings.

Contributors: Garry, Dorothy, Alex, Gunness

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Oldorf's Revenge


For many years the evil warlock Oldorf has plundered your kingdom and terrorised the inhabitants. With the formation of a select group of adventurers the time has finally come for you to end this reign of terror and reclaim stolen treasures. Leading a party comprising of a cleric, a thief, a gladiator, a strongman, a magician, a wizard, and an elf, you enter the immense underground empire of Oldorf.


Most of the puzzles revolve around selecting the best character for the task that currently confronts the party. There is a limit to the number of times you can select each character.

The game was originally released by Highlands Computer Services as Wizard on the Apple II but the name was changed due to a supposed copyright conflict with Wizard and the Princess by On-Line Systems (later Sierra On-Line).

Another name change occurred when Synergistic Software released the Atari version with the title Warlock's Revenge.

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