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05-10-2017 (Gunness)

Our US users might be interested to know that none other than Scott Adams will appear at Tandy Assembly in Ohio on Sunday. He'll also be at Free Play Florida (in Florida, of all places) in November. So if you're in the neighbourhood, here's your chance for a bit of classic adventure game goodness. Maybe someone can ask him to get Marvel to continue the Questprobe series?
Thanks to ChickenMan for the heads up!

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Cranston Manor


The game takes place in the deserted town of Coarsegold, where an old man named Cranston hid sixteen valuable treasures in his mansion before he died. You play an unnamed adventurer in the game who is determined to restore Coarsegold to its former glory by collecting the sixteen treasures from the mansion.


The game was originally produced, by Artworx, for the Atari 400/800 systems as text only and written in BASIC. It was then licensed by Sierra, who ported the data objects across and added graphics.

The Museum of Computer Adventure Game History has a statement from Larry Ledden about the game.

Also available in Japanese.

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