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15-11-2017 (Alastair)

Another update with a huge number of new games. Now many of these new titles are Speed-IF entries, so beware if you are not too keen on that series of competition - but if you do fall into that category the good news is now that the vast bulk of Speed-IF titles have been added to the site there should be far fewer added in future updates!

Contributors: Garry, dv8, fuzzel, iamaran, jgerrie, Alex, impomatic, Alastair, Dorothy, Gunness

Random Game

Monster's Final Hour


You play the role of Victor Frankenstein's great nephew. You have received an urgent phone call to visit the family mansion, which has been allowed to fall into a state of neglect for many years.

It is a cold winter's morning and you are now standing on the steps of the boarded-up mansion. "What am I here for?", you ask yourself as you look at the note pinned to the door.


This adventure was published in Amstrad CPC 464 User magazine, issue 5, April 1985, pp. 59-60, 62, 64, 66-67. It is inspired by the myths surrounding the Frankenstein movies, which are in turn based on the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

In the original listing, the middle of line 290 to the middle of line 380 were missing. This was acknowledged in issue 6, May 1985, p. 49, but no correction was printed. Instead, you had to send a stamped addressed envelope to the editors for the correction. Fortunately, one of the Internet archives had the full version, but with other errors that weren't in the original. It is possible to take the original magazine listing plus the missing lines from the Internet listing to cobble together a "correct" version. Unfortunately, it still has several bugs.

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