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03-01-2018 (Gunness)

For any number of reasons, the final update of 2017 instead became the first update of 2018. But I would be remiss if I didn't thank all of you users and my co-editors for keeping us running. There have been a lot of material added throughout the year, and it wouldn't have happened without so many people lending a hand. So happy New Year, one and all!

In the great world of the Internet, various things are cooking as well. I've always been a fan of Jim Henson's 1982 fantasy film The Dark Crystal, which led to a text adventure by Sierra. Now the game has been made available to play in a browser. Neat.

Gareth Pitchford, who is an adventure author in his own right, has written Twilight Inventory, a book on the "forgotten text adventure games from the 1990s". Gareth reviews a mouthwatering number of homegrown titles from the likes of Zenobi, The Guild and Tartan, and there's plenty to dig into. Of course you're welcome to think "Forgotten! Bah! Not at all", but please keep in mind that the world as such don't necessarily share our educated view on classic text games! The book is available in print form or, for the time being, a free pdf version - however, you're encouraged to donate a bit of money and I think you'll find it money well spent.

Finally, a nod to Stuart Williams' new blog, Eight Bit Adventurer which started recently but sounds very promising indeed.

All in all, it seems like the text adventure community is thriving. Let's make 2018 a good year for the genre.

Contributors: Alex, impomatic, Gunness, Alastair, Dorothy, iamaran

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Mountains of Ket


The Lords of Ket rule a strife-torn land where magic and mayhem are commonplace. Recently though, particularly vicious raiders have swept in from the east. Behind these attacks are the Priest-King Vran Verusbel, archmage of the cult of Mad Monks, and Delphia, the cult's High Priestess.

Unjustly condemned for a murder you did not commit, on the eve of your execution you were offered a pardon, but only if you accepted the mission put to you by the Lords. Believing that only the death of both Vran and Delphia will stop the raids, the Lords will grant you your freedom should you succeed in this task.

Naturally you accepted, now here you stand, outside a small village and with a magic assassin bug on your neck - ready to sink his poisonous fangs should you show any sign of cowardice. With just a handful of coins and your trusty sword your first task is to cross the Mountains of Ket, but beware, many who have entered the mountains have never been seen again.


The three adventures that form the Ket Trilogy were originally sold separately, with a prize of a video recorder for the first person to complete all three. Later, after the prize was claimed, all three games were sold together in one package called The Ket Trilogy.

The Mountains of Ket adds RPG elements to the adventure genre in the form of character statistics. These statistics are used in combat, something that cannot always be avoided.

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