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12-03-2018 (Gunness)

On the surface this might be one of our smaller updates, but behind the scenes there's been a lot going on. Some of you might have come across images that looked distorted. I thought only a few were affected, but as it turned out, there were hundreds of'em that needed updating. While we were at it, we also fixed a few hundred file names and replaced some of the less stellar images. It's an ongoing process, but we're slowly improving. A huge thanks to Alastair for assisting.

Unsurprisingly the database isn't growing as fast any longer when it comes to "new" games, but people are hard at work with updating the descriptions and credits. A particular nod to Sudders in that respect. Personally I've been plowing through old magazines to find more data on various lost games. I doubt we'll ever get to a 100% correct or complete database, but it's certainly a fascinating goal to work towards.

Contributors: auraes, Garry, leenew, Dorothy, Geoff, fuzzel, iamaran, terri, FredrikR, impomatic, Alex, Sylvester, Alastair, Porkbelly, Gunness, Richard Bos, DannieGeeko, Vicko Vitasovic, Juan, dave, Sudders, Strident

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Courier Who Missed Me, The


After months of searching, you finally tracked down the secret plans. They were hidden in a pair of gloves in a lady's clothing shop in Upper Sandusky. But just before you got there, someone else picked them up. Now, the Courier has them and you know that she's delivering them to the Roman.

The delivery is to take place today in a phonebooth just off West Avenue. You must stop it from taking place.


This was an entry in Speed-IF 5.

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