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25-04-2018 (Gunness)

While I'm working on a new interview, with more to follow, here's the latest round-up. Oh, and a look at the lost Speccy game Crimble - if only because I just updated it and it looked positively odd!
Contributors: iamaran, impomatic, Dorothy, terri, fuzzel, rockersuke, Alastair, farique, Alex, Garry, Richard Bos, zenobifan, Vaxalon, Amby, QN, sky-non, Gunness, ahope1

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Find and rescue your beloved Penny.


Written using the author's own adventure system. Came with Toot 'N' Come In on the B-side. Also featured a competition where the first person who sent in a correct, complete solution to the game could win a 14" portable colour TV.

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