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22-05-2018 (Gunness)

This time around I'm pleased to give you an interview with Mike McKeown, co-author of Tower of Despair and its sequel, The Key of Hope, two fantasy games from Games Workshop. I had been on the lookout for the latter game for years, so I was pleased to finally locate someone who could clear up the fate of said game. As it happened Mike turned out to be a pleasant fellow with a lot of interesting tales to tell, so I hope you'll enjoy the interview.
I'd also like to mention the unofficial (but original author endorsed) sequel to The Big Sleaze, Mark Hardisty's follow-up to Fergus McNeill's 1987 crime thriller. Speaking of Mr. McNeill. I was in touch with him recently and he was kind enough to help me update the info on several of his more elusive titles, such as The Malinsay Massacre and Goodnight Cruel World. It's really nice to be able to close some of these cases.

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Emerald Isle


You play the part of an aircraft pilot, employed to ferry urgent 'documents' around the Carribean. Fierce winds seize the 'plane over the Bermuda Triangle and hurl it to destruction; you escape by parachute at the last moment.
As you float down towards an island below, you recognise the coastline from an old map. It is the lonely atoll, "Emerald Isle", which few people visit and from which none return.
It is said that only one person may leave - the ruler of the land -and that each visitor is tested. Success promotes you to King or Queen, failure promotes you to the next life.
Explore peculiar towns, meet peculiar people, learn the peculiar purpose of the 'letters' and travel on a railway which is simplicity itself compared to BR's peculiar fare system. Don't be too afraid of the dark, and watch out for the spider!


This is a large game with many fairly unrelated locations and puzzles.

EI was at some point meant to be the first game in the same trilogy as Red Moon and The Price of Magik.

According to an interview in Micro Adventurer, the game was originally to feature a cannibal cook pot scene. This was removed late in the design phase as it might be deemed racist.

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