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22-06-2018 (Gunness)

A warm welcome to Strident/Gareth Pitchford who joined the editorial team recently. He's very well versed in all things Amstrad and also has a humongous knowledge of the homegrown scene; we mentioned his book, Twilight Inventory, a while ago.
Apart from updating a huge number of games already, he also made a mini-interview with Jim MacBrayne, who wrote a number of ambitious adventure games for the Amiga.

Contributors: Alastair, GusBrasil, Gunness, Strident, dakidski, stevenjameshodgson, Alex, thomasboevith

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Magic Castle


Rescue the princess from the Magic Castle but beware of vampires and booby traps.


Magic Castle, written by the author of The Quill, was the second Quill adventure to be released.

An unofficial conversion of the ZX Spectrum version is available for Atari 400/800; ported by devwebcl.

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