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17-07-2018 (Gunness)

I hope that everybody has made it safely through the World Cup - and congratulations to our French friends for the thrilling finals!

Around these parts it's been unusually hot for weeks on end, so perhaps some light reading might be preferable to straining your noodle over puzzles. Shaun McClure, bonafide Spectrum artist and author of two books on Spectrum gaming, is working on a new book on Speccy text adventures. And he's been a really nice bloke and allowed us to reproduce some of the interviews for said book. So here for your reading please are interviews with Charles Cecil, Scott Adams and Mel Croucher. The latter might not have a huge roster of adventure games, but he's had a fascinating career all the same. Thanks to Shaun for allowing us to use his interviews. Let's see if there might be more happening on that front.

Contributors: Sylvester, iamaran, Strident, Gunness

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Temple of Vran


Having crossed the Mountains of Ket your mission continues as you seek out the Temple of Vran. Once there you plan to put an end to its evil occupants. But where is the temple? All you know is that it is somewhere to the east - reaching it may not be easy.


The three adventures that form the Ket Trilogy were originally sold separately, with a prize of a video recorder for the first person to complete all three. Later, after the prize was claimed, all three games were sold together in one package called The Ket Trilogy.

As with the other games in the trilogy, this game uses character statistics to determine combat outcomes. However unlike the other two games, this time you can prepare a weapon, just make sure that you choose the right weapon for each opponent.

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