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13-09-2018 (Gunness)

Finally everything is in working order again. What started as a simple server migration (with a few technical hiccups) grew way above my technical skills once I foolishly tried to upgrade the forum software to solve these problems. After several attempts to fix things, I had to call in the cavalry - Dave and Mr. Creosote - whom I can't thank enough for getting us back on track again. Thank you so much, guys!

One task that remains is figuring out the look of the forum. Unfortunately our old style doesn't work with the updated forum, so I'll have to figure out how to fix it. Might not happen right away.
Anyway, thanks for being patient - happy gaming!

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Aztec Assault


Twice before PHOENIX was sent forth to do battle against the "Abomination" and twice before PHOENIX had been successful - albeit at great cost to others, others who had laid down their life in order that mankind may survive. How sad that their sacrifices should only have been a mere "hiccup" in the bitter struggle between the "Time Crusaders of Chronos" and the evil minions of the "Abomination". The deaths of these poor unfortunate souls had only served to delay the march of time and the outcome of the mighty battle known as the "Great Temporal Struggle", for once again the "Abomination" had arisen to wreak havoc on some poor unsuspecting civilisation.

In the year A.D. 1519 death is an integral part of everyday life for the people of the AZTEC EMPIRE. Unlike some other cultures that fear or try to avoid death, the Aztecs welcome it with open arms. Human sacrifice is the alchemy by which life is made from death, and the Sun provided with the energy to continue its movement across the heavens. Without it, the end of the world, the Fifth Sun, will occur. The whole planet will be devastated by earthquakes and the "Apocalypse" will take place. At this time also the TZITZIMIME, the monsters of the twilight, will swarm out and hurl themselves on the few survivors. So it is written and so it has been told.


It is the year A.D. 1519 and the "Primal Darkness" launch their latest attack at the very heart of the Aztec Empire. The ancient city of Tenochtitlan is laid to siege and in a matter of hours they control the entire city and with it the Aztec Empire. Motecuhzoma flees, the sacred ashes of the past rulers are stolen, Cuicoatl (the Snake-Woman) is either possessed or transformed and demons roam the religious centres, killing as and when they please. But more importantly, human sacrifices are no longer possible and without them the Fifth Sun will surely occur!

At Finvarra the threat was initially just to one village. At Santa Barbaro the threat was to one island but at Tenochtitlan the whole Empire is at risk. Not only that but possibly the very existence of the planet itself - that is if the Aztec's belief in the Fifth Sun is to be believed and proves correct.

PHOENIX was successful against the "Abomination" TWICE before but there is a new evil entity commanding this assault. Can PHOENIX defeat the demons of the AZTEC ASSAULT?


An Amstrad CP/M version of this game was produced and sold by The Adventure Workshop.

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