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13-09-2018 (Gunness)

Finally everything is in working order again. What started as a simple server migration (with a few technical hiccups) grew way above my technical skills once I foolishly tried to upgrade the forum software to solve these problems. After several attempts to fix things, I had to call in the cavalry - Dave and Mr. Creosote - whom I can't thank enough for getting us back on track again. Thank you so much, guys!

One task that remains is figuring out the look of the forum. Unfortunately our old style doesn't work with the updated forum, so I'll have to figure out how to fix it. Might not happen right away.
Anyway, thanks for being patient - happy gaming!

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Codigo Secreto Lucybel: Cryogenic


Year 2501. In a future postnuclear world the two most wanted mercenaries, Lucybel and Beta, fulfill different missions with only one objective: to earn money. As Lucybel crosses the city on her spectacular motorcycle, her faithful companion Beta provides invaluable help from her refuge in the ruins of old Detroit. You're Beta, and you guide Lucybel through the microcamera she wears in her glasses.

The mercenary receives a job offer for 600,000 yerens. But in order to define the terms of the contract, she has to go to the Scorpia discotheque, the usual place for underworld deals in New Detroit. That's when the Adventure begins...


Secret Code Lucybel: Trilogy is a futuristic adventure divided into three episodes for Spectrum 48k.

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