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06-11-2018 (Gunness)

I don't know why it has slipped my mind until today, but four issues of Mark James Hardisty's excellent The Classic Adventurer are now available. Each issue contains a plethora of interviews with a veritable who's-who of adventure history - ranging from the Level 9 brothers over Fergus McNeill to Anita Sinclair of Mag Scrolls. Yes, I'm officially jealous! Unfortunately no further issues will be made, but if the magazine has somehow flown under your radar, now is as good a time as any to pick it up. Available in print or as a free pdf. Happy reading!

Chris Ainsley is putting the finishing touches to Adventuron 1.0. This excellent system is fully browser based and should make game creation a (relative) breeze. Anyway, that's what I've been told - I haven't dabbled in game writing since the days of GAC! Most recently, he's presented a version of Cloak of Darkness, and as you know, no decent adventure creation system should be without one.

Finally... yes, Halloween is over (for this year, anyway), but if you want to relive the joys of recent horrors, you might want to give Unhallowed a spin - runs on both Spectrums and in browsers. I'm glad to see that so many recent titles don't require special software. Makes life so much easier!

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Work, as usual, had been dull and repetitive, devoid of any spark or glimmer of interest. Exhausted by its monotony, you returned home and went straight to bed.

If only you could do something that was really worthwhile, lead a totally different life. Live in a totally different world maybe? ... But no, that was stupid - who'd ever heard of such a thing. Daydreaming is only for children who could afford to invent magical worlds in their minds. You had a job. You had responsibility. And God were you bored!

Perhaps after all, it would be nice to simply live out your dreams in another world, a dreamland where timetables and schedules were forgotten and where you could do something truly useful for a change.

With these pleasant thoughts you fall gently into a deep sleep, only to be wakened almost immediately by the sound of wind. Strange. Surely you'd shut the window? And why was your bed so hard - as hard as stone in fact? What...

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