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07-05-2019 (Gunness)

There's no rest for the wicked! Anniversary or not, we try to keep the updating of the game database at a (mostly) steady clip. A particularly large thank you and welcome to Kozelek/Pablo, who has just joined the editorial team and has already been fixing and updating like there's no tomorrow. Kozelek will have a special focus on the Spanish releases, which suits me splendidly as my grasp of that language is woefully bad.
Speaking of.... we can always use more editors, not the least if you speak any languages outside of English (Italian, Russian and French would be nice!)

Contributors: Garry, jgerrie, Alex, benkid77, leenew, Gunness, fresel, iamaran, RetroBasic, pippa, Sylvester, Kozelek, Tinker, Alastair, Strident, devwebcl, adventuron

Random Game

Classroom Adventure


You fell asleep in class and woke to find yourself trapped! Can you
escape in time to enjoy the summer holidays?


Published as a type-in game in issue 28 of ZX Computing.

Be careful: the version currently on World of Spectrum is broken
beyond playability. A corrected version has been submitted, but it's
not known when (or if!) it will appear.

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