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22-11-2019 (Gunness)

The CASA database is large and ever growing. I'll be the first to admit that there are (probably) lots of errors in our data. That sort of goes with the territory, seeing how we're investigating rare and sometimes lost games from 35+ years ago. Hence it pleases my inner historian to no end when I see the amount of research that some of our users put into getting the facts right. Case in point: Jyym Pearson's Saigon: The Final Days, which might or might not be part of the Other Ventures series. Feel free to join the debate here if you think you have any information to add.
Speaking of mr. Pearson, I've personally only played two of his games, The Institute and Lucifer's Realm, which are both decidedly oddball - in a good way.

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Necronomycon, The


You must find the hidden mind box located near the wreckage of the starship "Gigeron". This will help the federation destroy once and for all the menace of the Necronomycon.

(The Necronomycon is nothing to do with the magical book from the H. P. Lovecraft stories, but is actually a dangerous life form.)

You must face and destroy this abomination alone!

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