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23-12-2019 (Gunness)

As tradition would have it, the CASA offices close down (well, I do, anyway) until the new year. Of course, that's just a fancy way of saying that personally I won't be looking at my computer much for the next week or so - but I'm sure that some of our users and editors will.
We survived our 20th year online, and there's plenty more coming, including a lot of material waiting in the queue! As always, a huge and heartfelt thanks to my co-editors for keeping our engine running and the database in (mostly) pristine order. But it wouldn't matter much without the assistance of you, our visitors, whether you're laboriously making it through the entire TRS CoCo catalogue, supply an update once in a while or simply use CASA as a source of information. Enjoy the holidays, eat, drink, dance, be merry and try to sneak in an adventure game if you can find the time. See you in 2020!

Contributors: Sylvester, Exemptus, Csabo, iamaran, farique, Strident

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Rings of Artek, The


After the old king died, the evil sorceress Smyrna usurped the throne and used her black magic to imprison the young princess Shareen. Smyrna now rules the kingdom of Eternia unopposed.

The mighty wizard Artek had foreseen these events. Before he died, he forged three rings of power strong enough to overcome the black magic of the evil queen Smyrna. He carefully hid the three rings in different locations so that Smyrna could not find them.

It is your task to find the three rings of Artek, rescue the fair princess Shareen, destroy the evil sorceress Smyrna and thereby restore the kingdom to its rightful heir. There are many obstacles to overcome but help can be obtained from some of the characters you meet.

Smyrna has her spies and she knows that you are searching for the rings. She has therefore sent out her evil "all seeing eye" that will search out and destroy you if it manages to locate you. The only protection against the eye is a powerful charm that you need to possess. This will give you protection against everything that could otherwise destroy you. However, other charms will be needed for you to vanquish some of your foes.

The ghost of Artek also moves around in the game. Each time be bumps into you, he will give you some advice. You can also call upon him at various points when all else seems lost.


Published as a type-in game in The Amstrad User magazine, issue 67, August 1990, pp. 18-19; issue 68, September 1990, pp. 8-10; issue 69, October 1990, pp. 14–16; issue 70, November 1990, pp. 10-12.

Supposedly the game was later converted into QBasic, but this version has not been found.

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