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10-08-2020 (Alastair)

Update posts might have been tardy of late, but the same can not be said of actual updates - wow!

A thank you to everyone who has contributed to CASA during the past few trying months. (Plus a personal thank you from this not so active admin to the admins who have been putting the work in, I'll try to up my game in the future.)

Contributors: Alex, urbanghost, benkid77, iamaran, Strident, Exemptus, Doreen B, blauroke, Garry, Csabo, Dorothy, PJ-1978, auraes, Gunness, terri, Mousey, Zappa666, MiguelSky, ahope1, fuzzel, RetroBasic, leenew, Paul Ingerson, Canalboy, boldir, devwebcl, Dave Edwards, CCLGamer, Steve Ludlow, Duffadash, adventuron, jdyer, Moitcho, Alastair, Kozelek

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Lost Mine


The author writes:

"Lost Mine" takes place in an old coal mine in a desert environment, complete with scary skeletons, mining cars, and lots of magic. We started to get a little more descriptive in this one, and we also added features to the adventure language to make things seem a little "smarter."


Originally created as a TRS-80 game in about 1982, running on the Explore system; programmed in BASIC. The system was ported over the years to C, Java, Python and Ruby. A Python version of the game is playable on the Internet.

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