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Return to Earth - Review

Review by Sudders


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Having just played the prequel Mines of Saturn I am a sucker for finishing a series, even if the first one wasn't great.

In this instalment you have made it back to Earth, well an orbiting station anyway, but the station is uninhabited and appears to have been the victim of alien assault. You need to find a radio to call in help.
Once again it's very basic fare, 20 rooms to explore and logical use of the items scattered around will help you solve the adventure pretty quickly.
I did come to a grinding halt twice, but it was clear that I need to do something to progress and weighing up the items made the solution pretty clear.
I rather liked the cute little icons for all the items and it's not bug ridden like the previous episode.
This one I would say is just about worth a bash, if you can deal with the incessant beeping and don't have long.

Parser/Vocabulary (Rating: 3/10)

Very poor, no shortcuts (having to type directions in full for example), speech marks, very limited and reliant on 'use' (open cabinet or unlock would not work!). Lots of 'YOU CAN'T'.

Atmosphere (Rating: 4/10)

Sparse descriptions. Rather than possible exits it just says "x corridors lead off" Leading you to find out which directions. I did like puzzling out how to deal with the pesky intruders though.

Cruelty (Rating: Polite)

Three places of instant death where it's hard to see the solution at first (or even if there is one!) Once you'v got the idea though it's safe enough.

Puzzles (Rating: 4/10)

Pretty simple with a nice logic about them, not amazing though.

Overall (Rating: 4/10)

A very basic little game from the birth of adventuring. Nice to get an idea of early BASIC adventures but once again an irritating repeating (beeping!) victory message. Scroll?