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Arrow of Death Part 2 - Review

Review by Sudders


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Having collected the bits to create the eponymous arrow, you now need to cross some challenging terrain, make the arrow and then eliminate the pesky Xerdon.
The opening 'There is no joy in reality' seems a bit negative, I think maybe Brian was going through an 'interesting' artistic phase at this time.
This adventure has a fairly large, and reasonable to map, number of locations. The descriptions feel a bit thin though, I do like that on the odd occasion you can see into another room and get an idea of what might need doing, however, overall it just feels like you are doing are location specific tasks and rarely heading towards your greater goal. Most of the enjoyment and interest comes near the end but I found it a bit of a slog to get there.
That said, there are one or two nice touches along the way and it has a satisfying conclusion. (As usual there is a terse congratulations at the end - I do love it when you get a bit more detail at the end and cannot see why having created such detailed adventures this part was so often lacking).
Not a favourite by any means, possibly the weakest so far, but this is a famous series so I will press on.

Parser/Vocabulary (Rating: 6/10)

The usual 2 word input.

Atmosphere (Rating: 5/10)

Feels a bit thin, there are things going on, but they seem to be location specific and not relate heavily to the rest of the quest. I did enjoy the bit with the fish though!

Cruelty (Rating: Merciful)

Aside from running into Xerdon or doing something stupid, you're not likely to get too caught up.

Puzzles (Rating: 5/10)

Generally logical, but there are a few places which will leave you scratching your head. You may need to reach for the solution here.

Overall (Rating: 5/10)

Another vague disappointment. It has enjoyable aspects but just feels a bit too thin to engage you greatly. Hopefully better adventures are ahead.