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Kingdom of Klein, The (Kingdom_of_Klein.txt)

by Epic Adventures
Walk Through by Dorothy Millard (BBC Version)
(Thanks to Barbara Gibb for lots of help)

An aura of doom surrounds the Klein Kingdom. The magic bottle was removed from 
its pedestal in the king's palace and stolen by the wicked witch of the mountain. 
She swore that she would put a hideous curse on anybody who was foolish enough 
to try to recover it. Unfortunately, the citizens of Klein have elected you 
to be the foolish one. 
Your task is to discover the secrets of the five mystical solids and use them 
to destroy the wicked witch, find the magic Klein Bottle and return it to the 
pedestal in the King's palace.

1. Some locations are timed.
2. Understands the first three letters only.

Walk Through:
(Start in the palace), E (antechamber), GET UMBRELLA, N (south end of 
courtyard), E, E, N (road), E, E (palace road), GET KEY, W, W, S, W, N, N 
(chapel), GET BIBLE, READ BIBLE, DROP BIBLE, PUSH PORTRAIT (it swings back to 
reveal a wall safe), UNLOCK SAFE (with the key), OPEN SAFE (a gold coin falls 
out), GET COIN, S, W, W (stables), U (hay loft - leave the needle, D, E, E, 
E, N, E, E, E, N, N (by lake where you see a sign that says "Boats for hire 
- one gold coin"), ENTER HUT (meet an old sailor), GIVE COIN, GET BOAT, OUT, 
BOARD BOAT (you row across the lake but the key falls in the water), S (road), 
E, E, E, E, U (path winding up the mountain), Ux9 (nearly at the top), U (see 
a small opening in the rock), IN (inside the mountain where you see a weird 
tree-like structure), CLIMB TREE (see the letter "P" carved into the bark), 
U (top of tree), GET SCROLL (note if you read it here an evil spirit emerges 
and envelopes you completely), D, D, OUT (back to mountain path), Dx10 (road).

E, E, S, S, S (forest where you see a bird's nest), GET EGG, N, N, N, E (a giant 
blocks your way), W, W, W, U (mountain), U, U, U, E, E (ledge), E (rockfall), 
PUSH ROCKS (they crash down the mountain), W, W, D, D, D, D, E, E, E (the giant 
now lies dead under a pile of rocks - leave the sword), E (door in rock with 
an inscription about the wicked witch who will put a curse on anyone entering), 
READ SCROLL (as you read it the door in the mountain opens), IN (don't delay 
here - you go through just as it starts to close - leave the torn scroll), N 
(north/south tunnel), N (note the letter "O" scratched on the wall), N, GET 
TORUS, N (you float through space and eventually come to rest in a strange room), 
W (end of brightly lit east/west corridor), W (note if you go south into the 
room full of icicles you will be frozen to the spot with no way out), W, GET 
WAND (leave the gem), N (spell chamber), GET SPELLS, WAVE WAND (must have box 
of spells - you are back in the brightly lit corridor), W (note the "L" carved 
on the floor), N, GET DOLL (voodoo doll), S.

W, W, N (ledge), W, ENTER RECESS, DROP SPELLS (they vanish, this is how to get 
the spells to the other side of the pool), OUT,  W (end of ledge overlooking 
the pool), JUMP (into pool), S, GET OCTAHEDRON, N, U, JUMP (into pool), S, E 
(note letter "Y"), S, W, U (edge of pool), W (to beach), W (note letter "G"), 
N, N, N, N (you reach base of cliffs), E, E, E (see recess), ENTER RECESS, GET 
SPELLS, OUT, E, E, E (to bottom of steps leading up the cliff), Ux7 (nearly 
at top), U (top of cliff steps), N, W (cliff overhangs beach), W, W (note letter 
"O"), W, W, W, W (open plain), N (to oak tree - note letter "O"), U, U, U (top 
of tree), GET DODECAHEDRON, D, D, D (bottom of tree), S, E, E, E, E, E, E (back 
to where cliff overhangs beach), OPEN UMBRELLA, JUMP (to bottom of cliff), E, 
CLOSE UMBRELLA (before going southwards otherwise it is blown out your grasp).

S, S (there is a mysterious star drawn on the beach), S (a giant sand-lizard 
is here), THROW SAND (at lizard which is temporarily blinded), S (don't hang 
around, before lizard recovers), S (circle on beach), DROP OCTAHEDRON, DROP 
star on beach), WAVE WAND (you are transported to the room with 5-pointed 
stars), S, W, W, N, W, ENTER (recess), DROP SPELLS, OUT, W (to ledge overlooking 
pool), JUMP (into pool), S, E, S, W, U (edge of pool), W, W, N, N, N, N, E, 
E, E, ENTER RECESS, GET SPELLS, OUT, E, E, E (bottom of staircase), Ux7 (near 
top), U (top of cliff), N, Wx11 (across the open plain), N, N, W, W, W (entrance 
to small wooden hut - note letter "T"), UNLOCK DOOR (need brass key), OPEN DOOR, 
ENTER (to kitchen), N (note trapdoor in ceiling), S, PUSH TABLE (into room to 
the north), GET HAT (miniature witch's hat), CLIMB TABLE, OPEN TRAPDOOR, U 

Ex11 (to cliff overhang), OPEN UMBRELLA, JUMP, CLOSE UMBRELLA, E, S, S, S, THROW 
SAND (at lizard), S, S (to circle on beach), BUILD SANDCASTLE (using bucket 
and spade), WAVE WAND (transforms it into a full-size castle), GET DOLL, PUT 
DODECAHEDRON, SAY TOPOLOGY (the password  which made up of letters seen during 
game - the drawbridge descends and bridges the moat), S (on drawbridge), S, 
S (iron portcullis - you see a wooden peg sticking out of the ground beyond 
the portcullis), THROW TORUS (over the peg, the portcullis raise and you enter 
the castle), GET TORUS, E (long corridor), E, E, E, E (bird appears), BREAK 
EGG (a bird flies out and chases the attacker), E, E, E (end of corridor where 
a signpost points to The Mobius Ravine).

N (narrow north/south road), N (stone arch), GET BONE, N (under the arch - ignore 
the zombie and box of refill spells), S, S, S, S (edge of ravine), E, E, E (ignore 
the sphere), E, E, E (ledge narrows), E, E, E, E (see ledge on the other side), 
E, E, E, E, E, E (you reach an opening in rock), S, S (room 6), DROP CUBE (which 
has 6 faces - it vanishes), S, S, S, S, S (room 12), DROP DODECAHEDRON (which 
has 12 faces - it vanishes), N, N, N, E (to room with star), WAVE WAND 
(transported to 5-pointed stars room), S, S, S, S, S (meet a vicious dog), THROW 
BONE (it runs after it), S, S, E, E, E (to door), KNOCK DOOR (it creaks open), 
ENTER (small store-room), GET ICOSAHEDRON, OUT, W, W, W, N, N, N, N, N, N, W, 
W, N, W, ENTER RECESS, DROP SPELLS, OUT, W, JUMP (into pool), S, E, S, W, U 
(edge of pool), W, W, N, N, N, N, E, E, E, ENTER RECESS, GET SPELLS, OUT, E, 
(at lizard), S, S (back at "sand" castle), GET OCTAHEDRON, S, S, S (to 
portcullis), THROW TORUS, Ex8 (end of corridor), S, Ex18 (along ravine until 
find tetrahedron), GET TETRAHEDRON. 

W, W, S (room 20), DROP ICOSAHEDRON (which has 20 sides - it vanishes), S, S, 
S (room 4), DROP TETRAHEDRON (which has 4 sides - it vanishes), S (room 8), 
DROP OCTAHEDRON (which has 8 sides - this is the final solid and you are 
transported to the witch's cavern), LOOK (see wicked witch), THROW DOLL (into 
cauldron, it must be wearing the miniature witch's hat), E (witch's 
sitting-room), GET BROOMSTICK, E, N (winding path), N, E, S, E, N, N (now at 
tunnel entrance - see a sign, the capital letters repeated three times give 
directions - you will be moving around in the dark), E, S, W, S, E, D, E, S, 
W, S, E, D, E, S, W, S, E, D (entrance to tunnel), FLY (need broomstick - fly 
across the chasm to the south side), W (cave), ENTER, S, D, S (west end of 
alcove), GET KLEIN BOTTLE, E, GET BOW, W, N, U, N, OUT (outside cave), E, E, 
E, FLY (across the chasm), GET ARROW, FLY, W, W, FLY (to entrance to tunnel), 
U, W, N, E, N, W, U, W, N, E, N, W, U, W, N, E, N, W (now out of tunnel), S 
(winding path), S, W, N, W, S, S (to witch's spell chamber), WAVE WAND (now 
inside mountain), OUT (mountain path), Dx11 (reach base of mountain), W, W, 
W, W, N (to boat), SHOOT BOATMAN (need bow and arrow), ROW BOAT, S (palace road), 
S, W, W, W, S, W (east end of palace courtyard), W, S, S (antechamber, W (to 
pedestal room where the Klein bottle flies out of your hand and assumes its 
rightful position on the pedestal).

Your adventure is complete.

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