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Davy Jones Locker (Davy_Jones_Locker_hints.txt)


Hints courtesy of Gregory Quinn and Andrew Harrison

1) Keep throwing the hook when on the ships deck until you have found a bicycle, 
a sock, a divers suit and an electric eel.
2) Examine the bike to find a pump.
3) Wear the divers suit before trying to take the eel. 
4) Insert the eel into the torch to get some light. 
5) To get past the Catfish go down into the water in the pump room and get the 
razor fish. Return to the Winch room, examine name plate, examine sleeve and 
6) Pump the rubber dinghy with the bike pump to inflate it.
7) Once you have got rid of the Catfish enter the dinghy. The dog will follow 
you always, except at the start, when you need to carry him up the chain.
8) When you are in the dinghy take the squid when it arrives and wait until you 
are sucked into the whirlpool.
9) Give the squid to the Mermaid to pass her.
10) Play the game on the computer (examine it first) to get some information. 
11) Pull the lever in the centre of the airlock door, by the computer, to open 
12) Press red button in airlock, then press blue button to open west door and 
allow you to enter the sea.
13) When you first leave the airlock go immediately north to the island.
14) Say "William the Conqueror" to the old man on the island to make him fill in 
a form and throw a bottle into the sea.
15) When on the island go up from the location you arrive on and read palm to 
enable you to enter mound.
16) To breathe when in the water wear the scales from the mound on the island, 
but remember to remove them when you leave the water. 
17) Enter the Hermit shell to get a seahorse.
18) Don't hang around in the Hermit shell or you will be shot!
19) To dispose of the guard dogfish at the Hermit shell bring your own dogfish 
with you.
20) You will only be able to get through the Sargasso if you are riding the 
21) Dig in the Covert to reveal a lobster.
22) You have to dismount the seahorse before you can take or examine anything, 
or before you can go down onto the ledge.
23) To dispose of the pirate in the caves, give him the sock. 
24) To get past the conveyor belt south of the ocean bed, you need to have the 
Triangle with you. You will find this after going down from one of the Sargasso 
25) To pass the sorting bay wait until a tub arrives and then enter tub. When it 
stops get out.
26) Cut the power cable in the main power room with the lobster's claw. If it is 
asleep drop, and then retake it.
27) You need to cut both the Main and Reserve power cables to progress. The 
Small Tub leads to the Reserve power and the large tub to the Main power. To get 
back to the Sorting Bay from one or the other, go down into the disposal chute 
and then go up and south again.
28) Once you have cut both the Main and Reserve power you will be able to pass 
the electric floors.
29) When captured by Torox, when you have travelled off the tub lines, say Yes 
to his question.
30) To enable you to open the hatch on the Sub take the mussels from the mussel 
31) To loosen the gun winch in the sub, open the bottle of Cod Liver Oil.
32) To open the Treasure chest get the unexploded shell from below the Sargasso, 
turn winch, load gun and fire gun. The explosion will destroy the chest 
revealing what Torox wants - a gold chalice.
33) To complete the game bring the gold chalice to the conveyor belt.

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